Queensryche / Scorpions – Las Vegas NV : October 7 2015

We flew down to Las Vegas mid week to celebrate Toni’s Birthday by seeing two of her favorite bands Queensryche and The Scorpions. Toni has seen the Scorpions in the 80’s in their hay day, but I had never seen them before, and neither one of us had seen Quensryche before. We were actually a little apprehensive with Queensryche as Jeoff Tate and and Chris DeGarmo are no longer in the band and there has been so much turmoil in the band over recent years, but these guys absolutely ROCKED!. I was very impressed with their sound and lead singer Todd La Torre was spot on in my opinion. They played a great set with great hits such as Silent Lucidity, Queen of the Reich, Empire and Jet City Woman. Very impressed with the sound and performance.

The Scorpions came on the stage a little after 9:00pm. The guys had great energy and were everything I expected and more. Rudolf Schenker on rhythm guitar, Matthias Jabs lead guitar and lead vocals Klaus Meine were just phenomenal. They played a great set with many old favorites such as The Zoo , Coast to Coast , Always Somewhere, Wind of Change , Rock ‘n’ Roll Band, Dynamite, Blackout, No One Like You and Big City Nights. Drummer James Kottak did an incredible drum solo on his elevating drum set while playing Kottak Attack

The Encore songs of the show were, Still Loving You and Rock You Like a Hurricane brought down the house…absolutely amazing.

Going to see them in Seattle on Friday!

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