Scorpions/ Megadeth – The Forum – Los Angeles : October 7th 2017



Good show last night at the Forum in L.A. Toni and I flew down for the day for her birthday to celebrate with the Scorpions – one of her favorite bands.

We did the VIP package again for this show, but really regret it as the food was very sparse…just three items and one was a cup of tomato soup. The area set aside for the VIP group was just a little roped off area of the main concourse. The thing with the Forum is they let you enter the outer concourse early to have drinks and food, so there really is no reason to get the early entry VIP at this venue. The swag was also meager with only a small insulated (branded bag) with a couple of aluminum cups and a bottle opener.

We got to our seats just about a half an hour before show time. Great 3rd row aisle seats just off to the right of the main stage. Seeing how I forgot my camera at the hotel, I was fortunate that we were this close so that I could use my cell phone to take pic.

Megadeth opened up for the Scorpions, which seems a little odd. They are both metal bands, but seems like different types of metal fans between the two bands. The Megadeath fans are rough biker types and the Scorpions were they 50 something group that pretend to be bikers, and of course us.We had some good folks sitting around us, but invariably drunken losers with crappy cheap seats seem to always be able to find their way into the front sections and ruin things for the folks who pay a lot just to watch and enjoy the show. We of course had the most belligerent of the losers in front of us which made for a very tense show…just can’t watch the show and enjoy with these losers constantly spilling their beer on people, falling over the chairs, facing the audience pretending they are the stars of the show… i just don’t get these types of people and they are at almost every show.

Not being the biggest Megadeth fans, we left after just after a few of their songs going out into the lobby area to have a little food and something to drink and to let the losers do their thing. We hoped that they would be gone when we can back for the Scorpions…we were wrong and they were still there.

Regardless, we tried our hardest to enjoy the show. The Scorpions sounded great. Our seats were right in front of guitarist Matthias Jabs who was constantly smiling. He and the rest of the guys clearly enjoy playing for the audiences. They sounded great and put on one hell of a show. They hit all of our favorites including The Zoo, Black Out, Big City Nights, Wind of Change and a tribute to Lemmy and Motorhead playing their hit Overkill. There was a short bit midway through the show where they all came out to the center, extended stage and played an acoustic medley of Always Somewhere / Eye of the Storm / Send Me an Angel. It was real cool to be so close as when Mikkey Dee was playing his drums, I could only hear the actual drum play and not the amplified sound…it was like he was playing in my living room. Real cool! They ended their set with three great encore songs, No One Like You, Still Loving You and Rock You Like a Hurricane.

Even with the small problems, we did enjoy the show and Toni had a great early Birthday and she still loves the Scorpions.

Queensryche / Scorpions – Las Vegas NV : October 7 2015

We flew down to Las Vegas mid week to celebrate Toni’s Birthday by seeing two of her favorite bands Queensryche and The Scorpions. Toni has seen the Scorpions in the 80’s in their hay day, but I had never seen them before, and neither one of us had seen Quensryche before. We were actually a little apprehensive with Queensryche as Jeoff Tate and and Chris DeGarmo are no longer in the band and there has been so much turmoil in the band over recent years, but these guys absolutely ROCKED!. I was very impressed with their sound and lead singer Todd La Torre was spot on in my opinion. They played a great set with great hits such as Silent Lucidity, Queen of the Reich, Empire and Jet City Woman. Very impressed with the sound and performance.

The Scorpions came on the stage a little after 9:00pm. The guys had great energy and were everything I expected and more. Rudolf Schenker on rhythm guitar, Matthias Jabs lead guitar and lead vocals Klaus Meine were just phenomenal. They played a great set with many old favorites such as The Zoo , Coast to Coast , Always Somewhere, Wind of Change , Rock ‘n’ Roll Band, Dynamite, Blackout, No One Like You and Big City Nights. Drummer James Kottak did an incredible drum solo on his elevating drum set while playing Kottak Attack

The Encore songs of the show were, Still Loving You and Rock You Like a Hurricane brought down the house…absolutely amazing.

Going to see them in Seattle on Friday!

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