Aerosmith – Park Theater – Las Vegas NV : June 24th 2019


Aerosmith is probably one of the best live rockin’ bands in the world. They have been going at it for nearly 50 years and the guys are getting up there in age, but they completely brought the house down tonight at the Park Theater in Las Vegas.

The show started with about a 30 minute video of the beginnings of the band and how they all met and how everything came together…kind of fate and like it was meant that these guys got together just to make the best damn music of their generation and for generations to come. They came on around 8:30 or so and opened with Train Kept a-Rollin’ followed by Draw the Line and Rag Doll. The setlist was full of massive hits, but of course with a library as extensive as theirs, there is no way they could play them all. My Favorites of the night were Toys in the Attic, where all the giant inflatable, scary toys came down from the ceiling above the crowd…very cool. And then all three of their encore songs were my very favorite with Dream On, Chip Away at the Stone and Walk this way, where a huge walkway came down from the rafters which allowed Steven Tyler and Joe Perry to walk all the way to the second level of the theater and perform the song. During the end of show they released a ton of huge balloons, and a ton of confetti…it was spectacular. There were even two points in the show where (at different times) Steven Tyler and Tom Hamilton both walked out into the crowd and sang and played right in front of me…how cool is that!

An absolutely incredible show at an amazing venue with awesome sound. So very glad we made the trip down to see them at this residency.

The Cult – The Moore Theatre – Seattle Wa : June 10th 2019

An incredible evening last Monday night with Toni for dinner and the show. We got downtown a little early to make sure we could find good parking and decided to have dinner at an Italian restaurant nearby the theater. The Assaggio Ristorante was simply amazing. We have eaten there before and they are always good, but the food this time seemed exceptionally fantastic and the service was of equal quality. Definitely a must for anyone prior to a show at the Moore with only a block or so walk to the theater.

The Cult was awesome performing their 1989 album Sonic Temple in its entirety…what an incredible album it is with all ten songs being number one’s in my mind. With the first two songs being Sun King and Fire Woman, I mean what an amazing start to a night full of powerful, late 80’s hard rock music. Both Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy put on a great show and both exuded that vintage vibe that personifies that era which spawned the sound of the grung scene to come.

A show not soon forgotten.


Goo Goo Dolls – White River Amphitheater – Auburn WA : June 7th 2019

Catching up on my posts as this show was a week ago tonight.

I do like the Goo Goo Dolls music, but they were opening for Train, which I really don’t like their music much so was up in the air as far as whether I would go to the show or not…even if I had VIP, but really glad I did. The VIP “experience” was not near the quality and value of almost every VIP event I had ever attended in the past. They did not provide parking…well they did allow us to park free in the GA lot, but the GA lot was free to everyone, so thanks for nothing on that. When we finally got in we were ushered to a makeshift tent next to a food truck cranking obnoxious country music, so not even any Goo Goo Dolls music to get us in the mood. And it seemed that the bar was a last minute plan as it was hardly set-up when we arrived and we were not able to purchase anything as the bar tender did not have any cash for change or a credit card machine…so there was about a 20 minute delay before I could buy my $13 beer. Then we were supposed to be able to get in early enough to do “crowd free” shopping at the merch tent, but they changed the GA gate time and the merch people were not ready, so no early shopping either… as far as snacks, they were pretty decent and there was plenty for the 25 or so people in the Meet and Greet experience. We were finally able to go and meet the guys and that was a very good experience. They were very friendly and made sure everyone was personally greeted.

Once we got through the M&G we were able to go to our seats and I had a very good seat 4 rows from the stage on the aisle in center, and the people in the 6-8 seats around me must of only wanted to see Train as the seats were empty for almost the entire Goo Goo Dolls set.. They played a great set and sounded incredible…just like they do on their albums.

In summary, the band was awesome, but the extra money I paid for the VIP experience was not worth it.

Little Feat – The Saban – Beverly Hills Ca : May 25 2019

Pretty good show last night at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills. The venue was a beautiful restored, Art Deco style with very ornate furnishings and decor inside. The seating was very well laid out to optimize the offset of seats to minimize blocked views from the person in front of you and they were very comfortable. Definitely an impressive first time visit and I would come back for another show.

I decided to come down to L.A. to see Little Feat as this was their 50th anniversary tour and I try to see any band I can when they have achieved this milestone. I have to be honest that I am not much of a Little Feat fan and could only remember three to four of their songs, but they played and sounded very good. They did a very interesting version of Willin’ which to me was almost unrecognizable. They played in a very slowed down tempo, which for this song was real slow. Everyone else seemed to know it right away and sang along, so it was clear that I was a minority in the crowd. During their performance of Dixie Chicken they brought out legendary Doors guitarist Robby Krieger. He actually came out and played 2 songs earlier as well for the song A Apolitical Blues which was a great jam of him, Paul Barrere and Fred Tacket all playing their own powerful blues guitar styles…definitely a treat to see the great Robby Krieger play.

I am glad that I was able to see these guys and the fact that it was their 50th anniversary tour and they had Robby Krieger jamming with them made it a pretty memorable show.

Robin Trower – Moore Theatre – Seattle Wa : May 17th 2019

I have been wanting to see Robin Trower for a number of years and haven’t been able to align my schedule to one of his appearances in Seattle up until last night. I have always enjoyed his unique and almost celestial guitar sound. His hypnotic solos are amazing to listen to on an album or radio, but they are a whole new level live…truly amazing. He played a great set of songs with a ton of songs from the Bridge of Sighs album, all just beautifully done.

I certainly was not disappointed and seeing him live was worth the wait for sure.


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