Weird Al Yankovic – Paramount Theatre – Seattle Wa : August 16th 2019

Another smile and laugh filled evening with Weird AL. His material never gets old and always seems fresh, even the older parodies that I have heard many times.

The show opened up with a full orchestra performing a number of movie selections including the Indiana Jones theme, the Mission Impossible theme and a Star Wars compilation. It was a little strange to have the first 40 minutes of the show filled with orchestral music, but after-all the show was called “Weird Al Yankovic – Strings Attached”, so shouldn’t have been too unexpected.

Weird Al came on around 8:45 or so and opened with a mash up of I Lost on Jeopardy / I Love Rocky Road / Like a Surgeon, then went directly into The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota and Word Crimes. There were tons of small videos in between each of the main performances where he and the band would change into the costumes representing songs such as Smells Like Nirvana, Amish Paradise and White & Nerdy (my personal favorite) and then main encore where he and the band came out dressed as Jedi Knights and there were a full set of Storm Troopers, Tie Fighter pilot, Speeder Bike pilot and Darth Vader himself standing in the center of all of them…quite a site. Weird Al then sang the all so popular The Saga Begins (which I posted the Youtube Video below) and Yoda which were just fantastically done.

His pop culture parody is not for everyone I am sure, but if you want see and listen to some silly performances and just have a laugh out loud evening, the Weird Al show is a must.

We did the meet and greet which was at the end of the show and went until just after midnight…they provided everyone with an endless supply of pizza and we all got a chance to meet the man himself, get a personal photo (below) and get a few things signed. All things considered, the night was fun and we had a great time.


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