Papa Roach – Fillmore – Denver : December 9 2017

Tonight was a great show at The Fillmore Auditorium in Denver. This was the first time that Toni and I had been to this venue and we were both pretty impressed with it’s size, sound and layout. We had the VIP meet and greet with Papa Roach prior to the show which allowed us to get in early and find one of the best seats in the house…just off of stage right, set above the main floor and two nice comfortable chairs along a railing facing the stage…it was great because the area directly on the other side of the railing was a designated walkway and security would;t allow anyone to stand there, so all night we had an unobstructed view.

The meet and greet was pretty cool…as I mentioned we were able to get into the venue a couple hours before the general public and we were shown a pretty cool short film about the making of the later album “Crooked Teeth”. There were about 30 of us in the M&G and when the video was over, the band came out and sat down with us for about a 20 minute Q&A session…of course Toni and I didn;t have any specific questions to ask, but a lot of folks did and the band was very engaged and shared some really fun and personal stories. Following the Q&A, there was a photo session with the band (which Toni and I did not opt for). This is when we got a couple drinks and scored our choice seat.

Before Papa Roach came on, Falling in Reverse put on a great show, although Ronnie Radke was sick so they could only play about a half dozen songs, which was too bad as we really like them, but we have seen them a bunch of times, so it wasn’t too devastating. A lot of folks came just to see them so it must have been a real bummer to not get a full set. Papa Roach more than made up for it though. This was the first time I had seen them, but Toni had seen them a year or so ago when they opened for Five Finger Death Punch. She always talked about how good they were and that they stole the show and she was right. Tonight they were the headlines and filled the bill quite well. They played like hell and put all of their energy into their performance. Their lead singer Jacoby Shaddix was phenomenal. I didn’t know a lot of their songs, but Toni knew all bu 1 she said. I recognized the songs Scars, Getting Away with Murder, Forever and of course Last Resort. They also did a great tribute to Chester Bennington by playing a rendition of In The End by Linkin Park…very nice.

Great day trip to Denver with my honey and great show at the Fillmore. We will definitely come back for the next awesome show.

Here is a video of Falling in Reverse performing Vampire…sorry the audio quality isn’t the best, but this was on LOUD show. It does show Ronnie doing what Ronnie does best though 🙂

Green Day – Las Vegas NV : April 7th 2017

It’s been since the American Idiot tour back in 2005 that I have seen Green Day live. Came close a few time between then and now, but something always happened. This time was a bit of a issue as well as Toni and I didn’t synch too well on weekends when I bought the tickets months ago and we had already purchased tickets for the Super Natural Convention in Seattle, but I couldn’t miss them again and I had bought VIP tickets…so I came down to Vegas to see Green Day and Toni stayed up in Seattle to see the convention. I think all in all things worked out well. I will meet up with her tomorrow and be at the convention the rest of the weekend.

This was an absolutely incredible show! The guys were definitely on top of their game tonight with tons of energy, spot on vocals by Billie Joe and tons of personality from Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool. They came on a little before 9:00pm and played until 11:30 hitting nearly all their hits from throughout their nearly 25 years of an incredible music library. Some of my favorites of the night were, Know Your Enemy, Longview, Basket Case and Minority. They even went way back to 1992 and the Kerplunk album and played 2000 Light Years Away…that took me back. I think all up, they played 27 songs including a funky compilation of Shout (The Isley Brothers), Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (Monty Python – Life of Brian), Satisfaction (by the Rolling Stones) and Hey Jude, most of which they played while laying on the floor…very strange.

They closed the show out with a great set of encore songs including American Idiot, Jesus of Suburbia and Billie Joe did an incredible acoustic solo finale of Ordinary World and Good Riddance (Time of Your Life). 

Adam Ant – Seattle Wa : February 2nd 2017

Adam Ant at the Neptune Theatre in Seattle Friday night, February 2nd. Toni and I both liked Adam Ant back in the day (Toni a little more than me) and were looking forward to hearing some of the classic 80’s new wave glam pop and we weren’t disappointed. It was great to see that he hadn’t lost all of his glamour and personality…maybe a little slower in some of his pirate moves, but still had the swagger and look that made Adam Ant one of a kind.

It was a late show for an older band and audience. Adam Ant didn’t come on stage until just before 10:00pm and put on nearly a two hour set with 23 songs in his regular set with 3 encore songs…quite a show and the crowd enjoyed every minute of it. I was waiting for the song Goody Two Shoes which is the song that I remember most from the day and posted a video link below (sorry about the sound quality, but haven;t mastered video yet). Some of the other songs were, Ant Music, Kings of the Wild Frontier, Stand and Deliver and Desperate but not Serious. Unfortunately Toni and I turn into pumpkins at midnight and left before the encore and missed, Red Scab, Get it On (T Rex song) and Physical (Your So)..

We came in a little apprehensive, but left very satisfied and longing for more of the 80’s.. fun era of music.



Pretenders – Seattle WA : December 11 2016

What an incredible show tonight. Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders put on one hell of a show at Key Arena in Seattle tonight. This was the first time I have seen them and was 100% impressed by their energy, sound and Chrissie’s absolutely incredible voice. Often times with the older bands, the lead singer looses some of their vocal range, but not with Chrissie Hynde. She hit every note spot on and has such a wonderful voice. It really came through on songs like Hyme for Her and I’ll Stand by You – very powerful indeed!

They played a great set with what I think was about 15 songs including their best hits Back in the Chain Gang, My City was Gone, Don’t get me Wrong, and of course Middle of the Road and Brass in Pocket.

Had a great time and I would see the Pretenders again any time.


Yellowcard – Seattle WA : October 26 2016

It’s hard to believe that Yellowcard is hanging it up after just 20 years of being a band. I understand going out while you are on top, but I do believe they could have gotten much bigger. It was clear from the size of the crowd at the Showbox in Seattle that they have a huge and dedicated fan base. I was one of over 100 people who bought special, meet and greet VIP tickets and who stood in the driving rain outside the venue for over an hour and a half waiting to meet and see the band perform one last time. I have never seen so many people in a meet and greet. They could have easily filled a much bigger venue. I was able to score a really good seat (which there were very few of in this venue) in the raised bar area at the corner rail of a handicapped walkway which acted as a buffer between the extremely crowded, standing room only floor, providing me with a direct view to the stage over the main crowd….very comfortable after standing in the rain and VIP line for nearly two hours.

I was first turned on to Yellowcard in the late nineties and attribute their music to enlightening me to a whole new genre of ‘alternative’ music. I hadn’t ventured out of my standby 60s-80’s music much (with the exception of a little bit of grunge – I’m from Seattle after all) until I heard and appreciated their distinctive, modernized punk sound. It opened me up to other bands of that genre and gave me a whole new library of music to enjoy.

The show Wednesday night was incredible. There were three opening bands, Like Torches (from Sweden), Dryjacket (from New Jersey) and as a special guest in Seattle only, Acceptance (who springily are from Seattle). All the bands were good, but I was very impressed with Acceptance. They had a great, hard rock sound to them and of course got the local crowd even more pumped up for the main event. Yellowcard came on around a little before 10:00pm if I remember correctly, which was very late for a midweek show, but the crowd was certainly ready and excited for their set. I cheated and looked on to see their playlist and was surprised that we were in store for a long night with more than 20 songs (24 to be exact). They opened with Believe, which is an incredibly powerful tribute to 9/11 (you should watch the video on YouTube). They followed up with Lights and Sounds (one of my all time favorite songs and albums) and then with Way Away from their Oceans Avenue album.

I unfortunately was feeling the affects of a change in timezones, a 14 hour flight from Hong Kong the day before and the thought of having to get up the next morning and I had to force myself to leave before the end of the show. Too bad as I know this will be the last chance I will ever have to enjoy the live sounds of Yellowcard. At least they provided me with 20 years and 10 albums of their music to continue to listen to for years to come.


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