Goo Goo Dolls – White River Amphitheater – Auburn WA : June 7th 2019

Catching up on my posts as this show was a week ago tonight.

I do like the Goo Goo Dolls music, but they were opening for Train, which I really don’t like their music much so was up in the air as far as whether I would go to the show or not…even if I had VIP, but really glad I did. The VIP “experience” was not near the quality and value of almost every VIP event I had ever attended in the past. They did not provide parking…well they did allow us to park free in the GA lot, but the GA lot was free to everyone, so thanks for nothing on that. When we finally got in we were ushered to a makeshift tent next to a food truck cranking obnoxious country music, so not even any Goo Goo Dolls music to get us in the mood. And it seemed that the bar was a last minute plan as it was hardly set-up when we arrived and we were not able to purchase anything as the bar tender did not have any cash for change or a credit card machine…so there was about a 20 minute delay before I could buy my $13 beer. Then we were supposed to be able to get in early enough to do “crowd free” shopping at the merch tent, but they changed the GA gate time and the merch people were not ready, so no early shopping either… as far as snacks, they were pretty decent and there was plenty for the 25 or so people in the Meet and Greet experience. We were finally able to go and meet the guys and that was a very good experience. They were very friendly and made sure everyone was personally greeted.

Once we got through the M&G we were able to go to our seats and I had a very good seat 4 rows from the stage on the aisle in center, and the people in the 6-8 seats around me must of only wanted to see Train as the seats were empty for almost the entire Goo Goo Dolls set.. They played a great set and sounded incredible…just like they do on their albums.

In summary, the band was awesome, but the extra money I paid for the VIP experience was not worth it.

Blink 182 – Pearl Concert Theater – Las Vegas NV : November 10th 2018

Great show down n Vegas. Blink 182 always put on a great show and tonight was no different. I flew in from Seattle on a fairly late flight (as I was coming in from Shanghai and couldn’t;t get anything sooner), so I landed around 7:30 in the evening and had to rush to the hotel. Fortunately the venue was in the Palms Hotel which meant all I had to do was come downstairs. As I was later than hoped, I missed the all of the VIP early entry and buffet, but that was OK as I made it to the show before it started around 9:00.

The setlist was awesome for this residency at the Palms. They opened up with Feeling This, followed by What’s My Name Again. They played some older tunes such as Mutt, All The Small Things and Dumpweed, and also some of the music from their newest album such as Kings of the Weekend and Los Angeles.

I hope these guys keep playing and making music for many years to come.

Weezer / Pixies – White River Amphitheater : August 4th 2018

Excellent show last night at the White River Amphitheater in Auburn with the Pixies and Weezer.

Toni and I had a great time doing the early entry “Karl’s Corner” VIP having some food and drinks before the show.

The opening act was unexpected (thinking it was the Pixies – although now realizing this was a “co-headline” show) with a band called Sleigh Bells, who were actually pretty good. Toni had heard of them before, but the were new to me. Always good to be surprised with a good opening band.

We aren’t really {pixies fans, so although they sounded good and played well, they just didn’t do anything for us…but when Weezer came on, it was AMAZING! They opened up with Buddy Holly, followed by Beverly Hills, Pork and Beans and then Undone (The Sweater Song)…I mean what a great first set of songs! And it didn’t stop there… the next few songs were Hash Pipe, Perfect Situation and My Name is Jonas..the night went on and on with hit after hit and they sounded fantastic.

In my opinion, Weezer is by far one of the best live bands to see. What a great show!

David Byrne – The Paramount – Seattle : May 24th 2018

Very good show last night at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle…it was David Byrne. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I have never seen him solo of with The Talking Heads in the past, but have always liked his music and eclectic and slightly disturbing professional personality. I knew he was a very intense artist, so wasn’t;t sure if the show would be a bunch of experimental new music, a bunch of re-mixed versions of the older Talking Heads, or spoken word…just no idea what to expect. I was absolutely not disappointed! It was a little bit of everything and definitely what I was hoping for from a personality perspective. Definitely more than a musician and much more of a creative artist and performer.

The stage was a simple, large open empty stage with a simple surround of curtain and lights which he integrated into the show with his 11 fellow performers and musicians. The show was as much performing art as it was music with all members of the “band” equally adding to the spectacle.

Of course I was fist and foremost there for the music and was not at all disappointed there either. His voice is as crisp and accurate to his younger days, belting out a range that is not typical of artist with as much history as he has. My favorites of the night were Burning Down the House, Once in a Lifetime, Blind and This Must Be the Place.

I was so happy I made the show and this will be a performance not soon forgotten.

Papa Roach – Fillmore – Denver : December 9 2017

Tonight was a great show at The Fillmore Auditorium in Denver. This was the first time that Toni and I had been to this venue and we were both pretty impressed with it’s size, sound and layout. We had the VIP meet and greet with Papa Roach prior to the show which allowed us to get in early and find one of the best seats in the house…just off of stage right, set above the main floor and two nice comfortable chairs along a railing facing the stage…it was great because the area directly on the other side of the railing was a designated walkway and security would;t allow anyone to stand there, so all night we had an unobstructed view.

The meet and greet was pretty cool…as I mentioned we were able to get into the venue a couple hours before the general public and we were shown a pretty cool short film about the making of the later album “Crooked Teeth”. There were about 30 of us in the M&G and when the video was over, the band came out and sat down with us for about a 20 minute Q&A session…of course Toni and I didn;t have any specific questions to ask, but a lot of folks did and the band was very engaged and shared some really fun and personal stories. Following the Q&A, there was a photo session with the band (which Toni and I did not opt for). This is when we got a couple drinks and scored our choice seat.

Before Papa Roach came on, Falling in Reverse put on a great show, although Ronnie Radke was sick so they could only play about a half dozen songs, which was too bad as we really like them, but we have seen them a bunch of times, so it wasn’t too devastating. A lot of folks came just to see them so it must have been a real bummer to not get a full set. Papa Roach more than made up for it though. This was the first time I had seen them, but Toni had seen them a year or so ago when they opened for Five Finger Death Punch. She always talked about how good they were and that they stole the show and she was right. Tonight they were the headlines and filled the bill quite well. They played like hell and put all of their energy into their performance. Their lead singer Jacoby Shaddix was phenomenal. I didn’t know a lot of their songs, but Toni knew all bu 1 she said. I recognized the songs Scars, Getting Away with Murder, Forever and of course Last Resort. They also did a great tribute to Chester Bennington by playing a rendition of In The End by Linkin Park…very nice.

Great day trip to Denver with my honey and great show at the Fillmore. We will definitely come back for the next awesome show.

Here is a video of Falling in Reverse performing Vampire…sorry the audio quality isn’t the best, but this was on LOUD show. It does show Ronnie doing what Ronnie does best though 🙂

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