Neil Young – Seattle WA : October 4 2015

Toni and I have been wanting to see Neil Young for years. We had seen him when he performed with Crosby, Stills and Nash, but we had never seen him perform his solo material, which both of us really enjoy. We were very excited to go to the WaMu theater in Seattle to see him, and had great seats in the front row right behind the general admission section.

We got there and realized that our seats were right behind GA, which was standing room, which meant that we had people standing in front of us the whole night…we didn’t mind it that much, but the people around us were really up tight about it. The two ladies behind us would;t stop talking about how everyone was being so rude and standing in their way…the guy along side of os actually starting telling people to get out of his way….Just a bad vibe around there, so bad we decided to move back 27 rows to our “other seats”.. The crowd there were much more relaxed and what you would expect from a Neil Young show.

We really enjoyed his performance and especially when he performed his old stuff, opening the show with After The Gold Rush, Heart Of Gold, Comes A Time and Old Man. My favorite of the night was Down By The River. 

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