Issues, Of Mice & Men – Seattle: March 24 2014


Went into Seattle to see the The American Dream Tour featuring; Bring Me The Horizon, Of Mice & Men, Issues and Letlive.

Unfortunately Toni and Nicki couldn’t make it to this show, but Ryan and I decided we would still go even if the girl team was sitting this one out.

As usual, we got down to the venue a little early (around 4:45 with doors opening at 7:00), but the sold-out crowd was already starting to grow down the street. We decided to not get into the line and go and grab some food at the Pyramid Alehouse just across the street from SafeCo Field.. Glad we did, great burgers. By the time we got done eating and went to get in line we were about 200 yards back from the entrance and still had over an hour to wait.. this was going to be a BIG crowd.

We got into the venue around 7:30 and there were people about 30 deep from the stage (already!), we went and grabbed our usual spot along the right side of the stage, against the stairs to the bar. This spot is usually pretty good as it is close enough to get a good view of the band, but far enough to the side that you are not jammed..tonight was much different. There were wall to wall people. And as usual at the Showbox, the lighting just does;t lend itself to good photography, so pictures were limited.

The first band LetLive came out and opened the show with a tremendous amount of energy. The lead singer Jason Aalon Butler was just a maniac on the stage. Never before have I seen someone jump up into the rigging above the stage while still singing. He also jumped into the audience and continued to sing while waving back to the stage. I have seen this before, but not the crazy monkey swinging from the rigging.. what a show!

Next up come Issues. This is the third time I have seen them and they just keep getting better each time. I love their dual vocals, Tyler Carter (known as “clean vocals”) and Michael Bohn (known as “un-clean vocals”). They really do a great job of mixing it up during their songs. They played a decent set of about 5-6 songs including Hooligans, Love Sex Riot,  Princeton Ave and King of Amarillo.

It was clear from the response of the crowd when Austin Carlile, lead singer Of Mice & Men belted out that first vocals from Bones Exposed that these guys were the main attraction for the night. They put on an absolutely incredibly powerful performance. The crowd was at the height of mosh and crowd surfing during their set. Although this was a great set, we were a little disappointed that they seemed to play a fairly short set of just 5 songs and it seemed like just short a a half an hour. Everyone, including me and Ryan could have stood for another half hour at least. They did play some great songs such as You’re Not Alone, Second & Sebring, Would You Still Be There and O.G Loko, but would have been nice to hear more. It might not be as bad if they were not skipping the Warped Tour date at the White River Amphitheater at the end of June…we were looking forward to seeing them again soon.. Oh well, next time!

Of Mice & Men left the stage around 10:00 or so and it seemed like a ton of people left…kind of strange, but I think a lot of people just moved to the back of the venue where there was more air.. the stagnation, temperature and humidity within 50 feet of the stage was unbearable. Ryan and I waited toward the back until around 10:30 and decided that Issues and Of Mice & Men were really the two bands we came to see, so decided to cut out early before Bring Me The Horizon came on. We don’t typically do this, but we were both burnt out and ready to get out.


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