Kings of Leon – Seattle: March 28 2014

Went to a great show tonight at the Key Arena in Seattle. I thought I would try some new music for a change and found that the Kings of Leon were playing downtown. All I know about these guys was from the documentary “Talihina Sky” which I caught on Netflix the other night. Interesting show about their roots in the south, their extended family and ultimately their rise to fame. The band is made of of three brothers and one cousin, I was surprised, but it actually received a Grammy nomination in 2011.

I was very strange seeming to be the the only one in the crowd who wasn’t able to recognize each song from the first note or shout out the entire lyrics throughout the songs, but it was easy to get caught up in the music and all the energy in the arena and I found myself  getting into it and really enjoying the music. It wasn’t until their final song before the encore that I finally heard a song I knew, Use Somebody off their Only By The Night album. I was surprised that they were quite good and had a great melodic sound with a mix of The Killers, The Foo Fighters, Snow Patrol and a hint of Oasis.

Good show to see after a long week and a great way to start a fun weekend downtown.

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