ZZ Top – Seattle: March 23 2014

Tonight was an awesome night of “TexiCali”, backwoods, rock and roll Blues with ZZ Top at the Moore Theater in Seattle. Although I have been a fan for years, this was the first time I had seen ZZ Top ..I think since the early 80’s when I first heard them on the radio.

The guys came out sharp dressed in sequined jackets, funky hats, styling shoes, sporting their trademarked sunglasses and those incredible long beards…what a sight.

They started the show off with “Got Me Under Pressure” followed by their very bluesy “Waitin’ for the Bus and Jesus Just Left Chicago“. It was amazing how both Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill played the same guitars almost all the way through the entire set. Most bands change guitars after every song, but these guys were so simple and basic (all in a good way) that all they needed to do was stand and play, and they just blew everyone away. The crowd was standing and cheering for the entire show, and for a venue full of 50/60 somethings, that is really a testament to their incredible power to jam. I think my favorite songs of the night were “Legs” and then as part of the encore, the extra long version of “La Grange“. They also played a very good rendition of Jimi Hendrix’sFoxy Lady” which of course the crowd just loved. Naturally, all their music brings back great memories and for me with what I think are the two most recognizable ZZ Top hits of the late 70’s/early 80’s, “Cheap Sunglasses” and “Sharp Dressed Man”

Seeing ZZ Top was a very long time coming, and if I would have known they performed and sounded this good, I would have seen them way before now. It’s hard to believe that these three guys have been rocking for over forty years. Well, I do know that when they come around to Seattle again, they will definitely be on the list of must see bands.

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