Monster Energy Outbreak Tour – Seattle: October 2nd 2013

Wednesday October 2nd we went into town to see the Outbreak Festival at the Seattle stop. The Showbox SODO is a much smaller venue that the Club Nokia in LA when we saw the show on Saturday. This was another special show in a couple of different  aspects, one was that we were able to meet Black Veil Brides prior to the show. The other being that William Control came out and sang with BVB during both the songs Shadows Die and In the End.

We arrived to the show a little early and had to pull the kids out of class to make it to Seattle by 4:00 which was the time we were told to meet in front of the venue for our meet and greet session with the band. We were second in line and we were all pretty excited to actually meet the guys we have seen already three times this year at various concerts. As we were waiting in line we heard Andy asked the other guys “we have to find out who Jenna is” and then CC spoke up and asked those of us in the front of the group “who is Jenna” which happened to be Nicki’s friend who came with us to the show. Apparently Andy looked through the list of VIP’s and chose her to make a personal call to. Unfortunately, she was with us on the way to the show when he called so he actually spoke to her mother who had no idea who and what he was talking about… she eventually clued in realizing who he was and gave him Jenna’s cell phone number… she is still waiting for him to call. One of the pictures above is of Ryan’s admit slip excusing him from class early that he had the guys from the band sign…Ryan figured this would get him excused for sure.

This show seemed a little better than the LA show maybe because of the size and relative intimacy of the venue or perhaps that the LA show was the first of the tour and they were getting the kinks out, not really sure but all the bands seemed cleaner and more polished. It was very cool to have members of all the bands including Michael Paget (lead guitar for Bullet for My Valentine) walking through the crowd and standing with us all enjoying the other acts. James Clark (lead vocals from Throw the Fight) seemed to spend more time in the crowd than he did on stage, and we even saw Becca from Stars in Stereo a few times.

This was another great show and we had an awesome time.

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