Bon Jovi – Tacoma: October 5 2013

We took a break last night from all the metal shows we have been seeing lately and went to see some good time 80’s rock and roll with Bon Jovi at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma Washington. Definitely a different crowd at this show than what we have been used to over the past few concerts we have been to…more Toni and My speed. Ryan and Nicki felt a little out of their element for a change.

I was a little apprehensive for this show due to the issues the band are having and that Richie Sambora was not touring with them any longer and while in line for swag I over heard that not only was Richie Sambora not performing but Tico Torres (drummer) was also not going to be there due to medical issues, so Just John and David Bryan (keyboards) from the original line-up.

Even with Richie and Tico being absent and the vibe just not the same without their presence, it was a GREAT show as always. They played a good 2+ hour set with a fairly lengthy encore which was great. They did a few covers with one being Fire by Bruce Springsteen and sort of a tribute/ montage of Rolling Stones tunes with John strutting some iconic Jagger moves and all – pretty cool.

One thing I have to say about the venue however is “Tacoma your traffic control and planning for events like this SUCK!” It took us almost 45 minutes to get out of town due to police diverting traffic from major freeway entrances to back streets…let me clue you in Tacoma – no body lives in your town, so we do not know how to navigate through your back streets to find the freeway!

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