Monster Energy Outbreak Tour – LA: September 28 2013

Went to LA from Seattle to see the first night of the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour featuring Black Veil Brides and Bullet For My Valentine.

We spent the morning and afternoon in downtown LA enjoying the sights and doing some shopping, arriving back to the hotel about an hour before the doors opened at 6:00.

This was out first time to the Club Nokia at LA Live and we were all very impressed with the layout, ease of entry and overall atmosphere. Our seats were on the mezzanine with only one row of seats in front of us separated by the aisle way. The mezzanine section had a pretty good incline allowing for an unobstructed view of the stage below, and as there was no one sitting in the row in front of us, we were able to relax and watch/listen without leaving our very comfortable chairs. We all agreed that we would definitely see another show at this venue anytime (actually planning our next trip now).

The show started promptly at 6:30 with a new band called Throw The Fight followed by a band named Stars in Stereo. Both were good heavy rock bands, however it was clear that the crowd was there to see BVB and Bullet. Black Veil Brides came on and put on their typical, awesome show. They started with Shadows Die, then I am Bulletproof followed by Nobody’s Hero then Fiend Club (cover of the 80’s Misfits song), Let You Down, Wretched and Divine, The Legacy then Fallen Angels with the last song of their set being In The End which was by far their BEST (according to me – Nicki thinks this is too overplayed and her favorite was The Fiend Club). Bullet For My Valentine came on about 45 minutes after BVB left the stage and tore the place apart. The place just roared, with moshes breaking out during every song. We even saw something we had never seen at a show before… we are used to the typical crowd surfing, but these people were crowd chucking. A couple people would somehow throw the person over about 6 rows of people toward the stage landing on the unexpecting fans who promptly surfed them to the rail.. Very amazing sight to see, except for one guy who got hurled in from the back and landed flat on the in an area devoid of people to catch him (he got up and started moshing, so we presumed he was OK). We didn’t memorize the set list for Bullet, but two that we remembered for sure were Riot and Tears Don’t Fall as their encore.

This concert was a great set-up for when we see the same show again in Seattle on Wednesday, October 2nd at the Showbox SODO. We have BVB meet and greet for this show, so are really looking forward to that.

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