The House Party Tour 2013

Well, it been over a week since the show, but need to post due to another show happening tomorrow night.

Nick, Toni and I attended The House Party Tour Tuesday September 17th at the WaMu theater in Seattle, We had the VIP acoustic set package where we were able to see A Day to Remember do a private two song acoustic set back stage before the show. We we able to ask questions and converse with them for about 40 minutes. They were a great bunch of guys. Only three of them came out to perform they were lead singer Jeremy McKinnon, rhythm guitarist Neil Westfall and lead guitarist Kevin Skaff. The other two,  drummer Alex Shelnutt and bass Joshua Woodard came out for the question and answer time and they were all quite entertaining.

Following the acoustic set, we were all escorted back out to enter the venue with the rest of the crowd, albeit first in line.

The show started  at around 6:00pm with The Wonder Years who were actually quite good and opened the show with a lot of energy, getting the crowd really pumped up. Next up Pierce the Veil came on next (which was who we were actually there to see the most) and put on a great show playing for just under an hour. Nicki really appreciated and admired Tony Perry’s head banging , most prevalent during the song King for Day. Our favorite song Caraphenalia which stood out as their best song of the night, although the put on an incredible show all together. Around 8:00pm All Time Low came on and really brought the place to a new level. They rocked hard with our favorite song of their set being Love Like War. Toni was very impressed with their live sound and how different it is than their recorded sound. These guys really put on a good show. It was really special when Vic Fuentes (Pierce The Veil) came out and performed Love Like War with them. Last up was A Day To Remember. These guys are big time with their own full stage show. They started out the show with a short video showing the band preparing for a house party, surprising lead singer Jeremy McKinnon. They informed him that they were supposed to go out to the garage and start practicing so they could perform at the party. The video ended with them entering the garage which was ended up being the stage. They had a full size house set as the back-drop for their show with pyrotechnics and all…..big time.

Another great show, now on to the next.

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