Three Days Grace August 27 2013

Well, Nicki and I went to see Three Days Grace at the Showbox (Sodo) in Seattle last night. This venue is one which we have been to a number of times in the past and is one where the smaller bands typically visit when coming through Seattle. It is a standing room only venue (unless you are over 21 and lucky enough to get a table at the bar), and as this was an all-ages show, it seemed like the seats in that area were not as premium as when I have been here for 21+ shows. Never the less, Nicki and I found ourselves a nice quiet wall along the side, mid-way back from the stage. We got in early, and while most people who wait to get in early rush to hang on the rail and get as close to the stage as possible, we find the best wall area (which happens to be to side opposite the entry door). We like to hangout against a wall so as to not be completely surrounded by people during the show, and it is typically away from any spontaneous outbreaks of mosh.

As usual, we left for the show early in order to get the best possible parking spot..but ended up in private lot near Century Link Field due to the Mariner game that was going on at SafeCo field near the venue. We decided to walk up to find dinner, originally planning to go to the Hard Rock Café, but ended up at McCormick & Schmick’s instead which was a very good alternative. We did have plenty of time before they started letting in for the show at around 7:30, so could relax and even order desert. Always fun to walk through Pioneer Square for the unique ambiance of downtown Seattle.

Three Days Grace is a band that I ran across a few years ago when I heard their song “Animal I Have Become” on the radio on the way home from work one summer day with the windows down. It is such a powerful song with an incredible lead-in bass riff and pounding guitar followed by lead singer Adam Gontier’s amazingly raspy voice.. I went and bought the CD “One X”, which I found was one of the best albums I have ever heard…each song is unique and amazing. There is even a softer ballad “Over and Over” which resets you after some of the heavier songs and then of course their most popular song off the album (and their biggest hit to date), “Pain” which was number one on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart in 2007 – AWESOME!

The show itself was great. I have to say the opening act Otherwise was very impressive and I think surprised the entire crowd how good they really were. They had a ton of energy, got the crowd hyped and played for about an hour. Both Nicki and I said that after seeing them, we both want to go and get their album and we would definitely go and see them again when they come back to town. Three Days Grace came on around 10:00pm and started out with their song “Chalk Line” which is their first release off of their latest album “Transit of Venus”. I was a bit surprised to learn that their lead singer was replaced recently with the lead singer Matt Walst of a band called “My Darkest Days”.. We were a little apprehensive as Adam Gontier’s voice is pretty distinctive, but he pulled it off. They then played many of their previous hits including my and Nicki’s favorites which were awesome. “World So Cold” and “Animal I Have Become” (Nicki’s favorites were toward the end of the main set and Never Too Late (which was my favorite of the night) was the first song of their encore. There was the predictable and inevitable drum solo, but they did do it a little different by  interjecting and interweaving a piano solo into it. It was quite unique and very good.  The show was not sold out, so there was room to move around when we wanted, although when we left our prime wall area, it was occupied when we came back. The crowd was really energized and into the show. There were a few mosh breakouts and a number of crowd surfers throughout the night.

I have to also point out how organized and well controlled the Showbox maintained the show. There were a few times when I saw folks sparking up, but security quickly ran over to them and told them to stop. Anytime something looked like it was going to get out of control, security was there to prevent it. It made for a great environment to see and listen to the music. The ordered atmosphere may have also had something to do with their separating the drinking area from the main stage area, but whatever it is it works, and we always like to see shows at the Showbox.

Set List

  1. Chalk Outline
  2. Just Like You
  3. Pain
  4. The High Road
  5. Home
  6. Get Out Alive
  7. Break
  8. The Good Life
  9. Piano/Drum Solo
  10. Misery Loves My Company
  11. World So Cold
  12. I Hate Everything About You
  13. Break Stuff  (Limp Bizkit cover)
  14. Animal I Have Become


  1. Never Too Late
  2. Riot


  1. Sounds like I missed a good show!

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