Eric Burdon & The Animals – Tacoma Wa : February 18th 2017


Eric Burdon and The Animals at the Beautiful and historic Pantages Theater in downtown Tacoma Washington.

What a great show tonight. It seemed short, but he packed a ton of great hippie folk, blues funk into the hour and a half they were on stage. They came on just after 7:30pm and left a little after 9:00pm. Eric Burdon still has one hell of a voice and can sing as good as he did back in the mid sixties in my opinion. He still has the very distinctive, raspy blues tone voice that really came through tonight as he played homage to his all time blues heroes Lead Belly and Bo Diddley. And when you are Eric Burdon, you can come out on stage in your old, loose fitting black sweat pants, untucked shirt and sneakers and radiate an attitude of…what the fuck! I’m 76 years old and still the coolest cat singing today.

Some of my favorites of the night were Spill the Wine, Don’t Bring Me Down, When I Was Young, Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood and of course House of the Rising Sun. He also performed the Buffalo Springfield Protest song, For What It’s Worth. Surprising enough, they had three encore songs including We Gotta Get Out of This PlaceIt’s My Life and Get Ready (Temptations).

Great night of great music.. They just make them like this anymore.

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