Adam Ant – Seattle Wa : February 2nd 2017

Adam Ant at the Neptune Theatre in Seattle Friday night, February 2nd. Toni and I both liked Adam Ant back in the day (Toni a little more than me) and were looking forward to hearing some of the classic 80’s new wave glam pop and we weren’t disappointed. It was great to see that he hadn’t lost all of his glamour and personality…maybe a little slower in some of his pirate moves, but still had the swagger and look that made Adam Ant one of a kind.

It was a late show for an older band and audience. Adam Ant didn’t come on stage until just before 10:00pm and put on nearly a two hour set with 23 songs in his regular set with 3 encore songs…quite a show and the crowd enjoyed every minute of it. I was waiting for the song Goody Two Shoes which is the song that I remember most from the day and posted a video link below (sorry about the sound quality, but haven;t mastered video yet). Some of the other songs were, Ant Music, Kings of the Wild Frontier, Stand and Deliver and Desperate but not Serious. Unfortunately Toni and I turn into pumpkins at midnight and left before the encore and missed, Red Scab, Get it On (T Rex song) and Physical (Your So)..

We came in a little apprehensive, but left very satisfied and longing for more of the 80’s.. fun era of music.



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