Hall & Oates – Auburn WA : September 9th 2016

Fun show tonight at the White River Amphitheater in Auburn. Love how close this venue is from my house… less than a half an hour to get home after the show.. That is nice.

These guys put on a pretty good show although it seemed as though Daryl was having some issues with his audio as he kept gesturing to the side stage and seemed to just not be 100%…but regardless, they sounded great and were fun to watch.

It was very cool to hear all the those old late 70’s and 80’s songs that I loved so much so many years ago. My favorites of the night were by far She’s Gone, Sara Smile and Rich Girl. They played two encore sets which was pretty cool and kept the crowd going.. Good to see so many people my age up, out of their seats dancing and singing to the music that they so fondly remember.

Another iconic band to scratch off my must see list, and so glad I did.

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