Zakk Wylde / Otherwise – Las Vegas NV : September 1 2016

What an absolutely incredible show tonight at The House of Blues in Las Vegas… Toni and I quite literally stumbled upon this show as we were checking in to the Billy Idol show last night, getting our tickets and table assignment, Toni saw a flyer for the Zakk Wylde show, with Otherwise opening up. Toni has been wanting to see this show and especially Otherwise for a while and just by happen chance we were in Vegas the same time as the show. I have had the pleasure of seeing Otherwise three years ago in Seattle when they opened up for 3 Days Grace and stole the show then, and I hate to say it (as I am a big Zakk Wylde fan) but they stole the show again! These guys just ROCK! They have so much energy and passion for their art that really shows through in the performance.

They played about 9 songs in their set ending with Soldiers, one of my all time favorite rock anthems. I was able to get video of it, but I think the volume was a bit too much for my camera and it’s a bit distorted, but I uploaded to YouTube if you would like to check it out. I was able to meet the guys from the band after their set and they are all such great guys. We can’t wait to see them again.

Zakk Wylde came on a little after 10:00 and was amazing. We have seen him a few times before and are never disappointed in his performance. I just love the guitar solos and the power of his music.

This was the last night of our 25th anniversary trip to Vegas and we could;t have asked for a better way to end it than with this show.

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