Sting / Peter Gabriel – Key Arena – Seattle WA : July 21 2016

Great and fun show last night at Key Arena with Sting and Peter Gabriel for their Rock, Paper Scissors tour. What a great pairing with these two great performers who clearly loved performing with each other last night.

It was a different type of co-headlining show, where typically one band will perform their set followed by the other. This show had them trading off songs as well as joining in on each other’s songs. What an incredible library of songs they had too… they played for over two and a half hours with what I think were 23 songs in their main set and two encore songs. They held absolutely nothing back when it came to their performances, embellishing a few of the songs with jam sessions and extended and alternate arrangements. …truly amazing! One of the highlights of the show last night (of course for the Seattle audience) was Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam coming out and performing with the guys. Vedder sat-in with Peter Gabriel on Peter’s solo hit Red Rain and he also helped lead Sting’s band through The Police classic Driven To Tears. A few of my favorite songs of the night were Invisible Sun, Games Without Frontiers, Big Time, Englishman in New York and of course Roxanne.

One of the best shows of the year for sure.

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