Steven Tyler – McCaw Hall – Seattle WA : July 8 2016

Had an absolutely fabulous time at the Steven Tyler show at McCaw Hall in Seattle last night. As I am a big Aerosmith fan and admire Steven Tyler as a great entertainer, I decided to do the meet and greet to get up close and personal, and to get a photo taken with him…he didn’t disappoint. Although I didn’t have a whole lot of time to ‘chat’, I was able to exchange a few words, shake his had and get my pic with him (to be sent in 5-7 days…what?). It’s always fun to do the VIP to get in early, meet new people, enjoy some snacks and drinks and just have a good time before the show. I met a few other “solo” fans and we all had a great time sharing stories of our past concerts and musical interests.

The show itself was incredible. The band was energetic and all genuinely looked to be having a great time. Steven Tyler puts on such a great show. He always has a smile on his face, is engaging with the women (and men) in the crowd and just puts everything he has into making the show something special for everyone.

The selection of songs were perfect..just the right mix of his new music, Aerosmith tunes and even a couple of covers. They did a great rendition of Janis Joplin’sPiece of my Heart“. Of course one of the favorites of the night and all Aerosmith shows was “Dream On”.

Can’t wait for the upcoming Aerosmith tour!

Steven Tyler MG2

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