Vans Warped Tour 2014 – Auburn: June 28 2014


The Warped Tour 2014 – 20 years of Warped!

What a day at the show yesterday at the White River Amphitheater in Auburn Wa. It was a hell of a drive in over a hour and a half of traffic through Auburn Washington causing us to be about 40 minutes late to the concert making us miss one of the bands we were really looking forward to seeing, Ghost Town who of course opened the show on the main stage…We weren’t sure why traffic was so bad, but it seemed like all of Seattle and Tacoma were heading into Auburn for some reason.

We got into the concert around 11:45. We went perusing the merchandise tents and located the reader board to find out when all the bands were on and then Toni, Ryan and Nicki went to forage for food while I hung out and caught a few of the bands. I was able to catch a band called Young & Reckless who were pretty good for a band who weren’t even listed as performing. I then went to the main stage to see Mayday Parade, Finch and Bowling for Soup. Up next was a band I have wanted to see for a while named Yellowcard who are an alternative rock band with a cool southern California vibe. I first started listing to them when I discovered their album Ocean Avenue back in 2005 I believe. That is still one of my favorite albums of all time with the entire album consisting of great songs – no duds. It was really cool, because I was able to buy a Band logo’d Hooligans skateboard at their merch. tent and had the band sign it for me…pretty cool.

Toni and the kids met up with me back at the main stage at the end of the Bowling for Soup set, and shortly there after it began (which ended up a theme for the day) pouring down rain…I swear the raindrops were the size of nickels! We sort of came prepared with some of those funky, clear pull over rain ponchos, but when the rain would stop the sun would come out and we would roast, so they didn’t stay on long. By the end of the day, we (and everyone else at the show) were soaked to the bone and sunburned at the same time.

After the Yellowcard set, we went to stand in the lines for meeting some of the bands. Nicki and Toni went to meet Falling in Reverse (and even got a hug from Jacky Vincent) and then Nicki and I went to meet the guys from Motionless in White – pretty cool bunch of guys.

Ryan decided he didn’t want to wait in the lines, so opted to go out and enjoy the show on his own for a while. He went and watched a few bands including Icon for Hire, who we later met, bought their CD and Ryan got a shirt and a signed poster.

Fortunately, the next band we wanted to see (Issues) was playing on the split stage in the main covered area, so we were able to get out of the rain and dry out a bit. With Issues, we also saw We are the In Crowd.

The sun finally came out to stay just in time for us to head back over to the main stage and see the last part of the Devil Wears Prada set.  We also caught a pretty heavy Christian metal band called For Today and then finally Motionless in White. This was the last band we stayed for, missing Falling in Reverse as we had to leave so Toni and the kids could drop me off to see the Blue Oyster Cult show across town.

This was our second Warped Tour, and we hope we can keep coming back every year…

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