Blue Oyster Cult – Tacoma: June 28 2014


Good show at the Emerald Queen Casino last night. I arrived about a half an hour late as we were rushing from the Van’s Warped Tour show about 20 miles away. I hate showing up late for concerts, but I think I only missed the first could song.

The stage show for Blue Oyster Cult wasn’t much to speak of, but they totally rocked. I forgot how much I love their spooky, poetic, mystical power rock, which sometimes results in a melodic celestial song such as The Vigil, or a journey through the medieval world of Black Blade.

These guys brought back a ton of memories for me, not the least of which was remembering how I used to draw their band’s, hook-and-cross logo on the inside of my Pee-Chee folder in junior high school hoping that my mom wouldn’t find it and think I was becoming part of some creepy, dark, demonic cult or something. Mostly, I also remember cruising around late at night in my car with friends listening to my cassette tapes of their albums Agent of Fortune, Mirrors and of course one of the best live albums ever made (in my opinion), Some Enchanted Evening.

They played a great set and mix of their whole career going all the way back to their first album. They played a song that wasn’t part of their typical set-list (I Love the Night) which of course the crowd loved. Lead guitarist and vocal Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser showed his incredible guitar prowess in the song Buck’s Boogie (which must have been) a ten plus minute instrumental rock fest. They of course played one of their most popular songs, Godzilla in which they inserted a short tribute to bass player Kasim Sulton where they all jammed out medley of songs from his career such as I Love Rock ‘N Roll while with Joan Jett, Bang the Drum All Day when with Todd Rundgren and Paradise by the Dashboard Light when with Meat Loaf…what a set. The last song of their set was the most iconic and of course one of their most popular songs Don’t Fear the Reaper. They came back and performed a three song encore consisting of Career of Evil, Hot Rails to Hell and closing out the night with, Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll, a song from their first album from 1972,

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