The Rolling Stones – Arlington Texas : June 6 2015

The Rolling Stones Zip Code tour, Arlington Texas. June 6th 2015.

An absolutely phenomenal show last night at the AT&T Stadium with The Rolling Stones.

This was my fist show in the venue and all I have to say is WOW! They really do thing bigger in Texas. I could not believe the immensity of this facility. It was absolutely enormous. It was set-up real well with about 20 sections on the floor (I was in section C along side the catwalk) and four levels in the rest of the reserved seating area. I am not sure how many people were at the show, but I would suspect it was pushing +60,000.

Opening the show was Grace Potter and her band. It was kind of cool as we were able to see them doing their sound check right before the show started and it is always interesting to see sound checks and how they get things just right. She came on just about 8:00pm and played about a half dozen songs, getting the crowd ready for the Stones.

The Rolling Stones came on a little before 9:00 and started with Jumpin’ Jack Flash followed by It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll. All the guys looked great with both Keith and Ronnie looking so cool with their cigarettes slowly burning out of the sides of their lips while strumming and jamming on their guitars. Charlie Watts sitting quietly in the back behind his drums trying not to be noticed all the while kicking out the tempo and keeping things going. As usual, I am always just so amazed at the amount of energy Mick Jagger has. He is never standing still, constantly running and skipping across the stage and occasionally at a full sprint down the center catwalk. He uses every single inch of the stage and performs for every single person in the audience.

The set they played was incredible. Of course there are always songs they didn’t play that you wished they had, but the songs they do choose always seem to be just the right songs for that night. I think my favorites for the night were Midnight Rambler and Start Me Up. Of course Keith Richards two songs he sang; Before They Make Me Run and Happy were memorable as well. They did a voting during the show where the audience could vote by texting in during the show and they would play the song with the most votes and the song Rocks Off from their 1972 album Exile on Main St., but before beginning Mick and the guys played a short little tune which the crowd obviously went crazy over called, All My Ex’s Live In Texas.

They played a great show, about two and a half hours long, ending the night with two encores; You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with The University of Texas at Arlington A Cappella Choir) and (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction with the show ending just around 11:30.

Always a treat to see the Rolling Stones, and I really hope they continue to perform for many years to come.

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