Neil Diamond – Seattle WA : July 26th 2017

Very good show Wednesday night at Key Arena in Seattle. A bit of a bummer that Toni could’t make it as I had to do the VIP pre-show by myself, but I made sure I ate both our share of the food and free drinks, and actually it was nice (all be it expensive) to have a open seat next to me during the show for a little elbow room and to store my swag on, but do wish she could have made it.

I was seriously impressed with Neil Diamond’s voice, and he still had a little spring in his step as he engaged with the crowd moving constantly across the stage from one side to another – not bad for a 76 year old dude!

50 years of music is what he was celebrating during this tour…totally amazing that someone can continue to entertain and for 50 years these days. I was never really a huge Neil Diamond fan, but I do appreciate a good clean,honest love song once in a while and every song in his set I actually remember from throughout the years. Some of my favorites were, Song Sung Blue, Shilo, Forever in Blue Jeans, Cherry Cherry, Love on the Rocks, I Am I  Said and then an awesome three song encore with Sweet Caroline, Crackling’ Rosie and America.

Check out the short montage

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