Judas Priest – Tacoma WA : November 22 2014

What a change from the Fleetwood Mac show in the Tacoma Dome just 2 nights ago. Tonight it was Steel Panther opening up for Judas Priest. The crowd was definitely different. I think the ratio of men to women was about 180:1. There were also quite a collection of personalities at the show…we saw a guy wearing ass-less chaps, a woman with some sort of leather thong outfit that really just covered about 5% of her body….we saw a guy(?) with bright pink hair, no shirt with a brightly colored fur vest and bike shorts and then of course all the large hairy, leather clad men with wallet chains and beards. I am not sure what we enjoyed more, the music or the people.

Steel Panther opened up the show and we weren’t sure what to expect. They actually had a pretty good, solid 80’s hair band sound and defiantly looked the part with spandex, scarves and LOTS of hair. I think the bass player even had a small vanity set up on stage where he would keep checking his make-up and hair to make sure he stayed pretty. Although their music was decent, they had very raunchy lyrics and actually talked just a little too much.we actually weren’t (and still aren’t) sure if they were for real or kind of a stand-up comedy joke band…anyway, they did their job in getting the crowd stirred up and ready for Judas Priest.

Judas Priest with Rob Halford came on just after 9:00pm opening up with Dragonaut followed by Metal Gods. They played a few songs from their new album Redeemer or Souls including the title track and March of the Damned. They tore it up when they played Love Bites and Turbo Lover and of course Breakin’ the Law and one of my all time favorites, Beyond the Realms of Death. It also just would’t be a Priest show without Rob Halford riding out on his Harley Davidson for Hell Bent for Leather.

I have to admit and shamefully so, that we bailed before the encores which would have been great to hear You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ and Livin’ After Midnight, but with the alcohol intake (not ours) and level of rowdiness in the crowd, we thought it was best to get out while the getting’ was good.

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