Experience Hendrix Tour – Seattle Wa : February 19th 2017

I don’t really know where to start with what to say about the Experience Hendrix show last night at the Paramount in Seattle.

The show started pretty close to the scheduled 7:00pm posted time and went past 10:00pm. About three hour of outstanding music.

Billy Cox opened things up with Freedom and Stone Free with Dweezil Zappa on guitar, Chris Layton on drums (from Stevie Ray Vaughn & Double Trouble). Henri Brown came out and sang the next few songs…Henri is actually the first cousin of Jimi Hendrix and a pretty accomplished performer and did an excellent job bringing a ton of energy to the crowd. Throughout the show, the backdrop was an amazing continual visual of psychedelic imaging and classic photos of Jimi’s life and performances….very captivating and mesmerizing.

The show was an absolutely incredible tribute to the sounds and sights of the unbelievable art of Jimi Hendrix. The mastery of his guitar work was creatively displayed by so many artists last night from Zakk Wylde, Johnny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepherd,  Keb’ Mo’ and Buddy Guy. The two artists who most impressed and awed me were Mato Nanji and The Slide Brothers….what the Slide Brothers could do on their slide guitars was nothing short of amazing and Mato seemed to channel the spirt of Jimi himself as he mastered through many of the classics.

One of the most memorable moments for me last night was when Zakk Wylde walked in front of me while jamming to Purple Haze…He toured the crowd twice last night playing extended solos of Purple haze and Little Wing (scroll down and click the link below to see a little bit of Little Wing).

This is a must see show for anyone who loves great guitar work and especially for the Jimi Hendrix fan. I chalk this up as one of the best shows I have seen.

Eric Burdon & The Animals – Tacoma Wa : February 18th 2017


Eric Burdon and The Animals at the Beautiful and historic Pantages Theater in downtown Tacoma Washington.

What a great show tonight. It seemed short, but he packed a ton of great hippie folk, blues funk into the hour and a half they were on stage. They came on just after 7:30pm and left a little after 9:00pm. Eric Burdon still has one hell of a voice and can sing as good as he did back in the mid sixties in my opinion. He still has the very distinctive, raspy blues tone voice that really came through tonight as he played homage to his all time blues heroes Lead Belly and Bo Diddley. And when you are Eric Burdon, you can come out on stage in your old, loose fitting black sweat pants, untucked shirt and sneakers and radiate an attitude of…what the fuck! I’m 76 years old and still the coolest cat singing today.

Some of my favorites of the night were Spill the Wine, Don’t Bring Me Down, When I Was Young, Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood and of course House of the Rising Sun. He also performed the Buffalo Springfield Protest song, For What It’s Worth. Surprising enough, they had three encore songs including We Gotta Get Out of This PlaceIt’s My Life and Get Ready (Temptations).

Great night of great music.. They just make them like this anymore.

Adam Ant – Seattle Wa : February 2nd 2017

Adam Ant at the Neptune Theatre in Seattle Friday night, February 2nd. Toni and I both liked Adam Ant back in the day (Toni a little more than me) and were looking forward to hearing some of the classic 80’s new wave glam pop and we weren’t disappointed. It was great to see that he hadn’t lost all of his glamour and personality…maybe a little slower in some of his pirate moves, but still had the swagger and look that made Adam Ant one of a kind.

It was a late show for an older band and audience. Adam Ant didn’t come on stage until just before 10:00pm and put on nearly a two hour set with 23 songs in his regular set with 3 encore songs…quite a show and the crowd enjoyed every minute of it. I was waiting for the song Goody Two Shoes which is the song that I remember most from the day and posted a video link below (sorry about the sound quality, but haven;t mastered video yet). Some of the other songs were, Ant Music, Kings of the Wild Frontier, Stand and Deliver and Desperate but not Serious. Unfortunately Toni and I turn into pumpkins at midnight and left before the encore and missed, Red Scab, Get it On (T Rex song) and Physical (Your So)..

We came in a little apprehensive, but left very satisfied and longing for more of the 80’s.. fun era of music.



METALLICA – Hong Kong : January 20th 2017

It was a dream come true in Hong Kong tonight.

So, I am out of town on business, ending a long week and just for grins, I thought I would check one more time to see if there was even a chance of getting a ticket for the Metallica show at the AsiaWorld Expo. I knew they were on their Asia tour and that they were going to be in Hong Kong (apparently, their first time ever playing Hong Kong), but when I tried for tickets over the past several weeks, it had appeared to be sold out, and why wouldn’t be…right? Well, I took a chance and called the venue directly to see if by chance they may had released some obstructed view, or nose-bleed seats but to my amazement, they had some real good seats available and I scored one in the lower bowl, second section from the stage and four rows from the front! It was a miracle!

It was a little dicey with logistics, as I first had to come in from China and with Chinese New Year, traffic at the boarder was horrible, fortunately I did give myself plenty of time. Then I had to find one of the local ticket sales outlet to get a printed copy of my ticket.. this took me about an hour of roaming the back streets of Kowloon, but I finally found it and had my ticket in hand. I then had to decide what time I should get a cab to take me to the venue… with the level of traffic I had been in just a couple hours earlier, I decided I would give myself plenty of time and I left at 5:00 and this took about an hour on a trip that is normally just a half an hour. I got to the venue, which was actually right adjacent to the airport and in hindsight I could have stayed at a hotel at the airport and been much better off. Oh well, next time. The AsiaWorld Expo is absolutely HUGE! Besides the Metallica show, I think there were at least three other major events happening at the same time in other areas of the facility. Strange to see a bunch of metal heads along with conventioneers roaming the same halls.

The doors opened about 7:00 and I quickly found my seat. Metallica came on just about 8:30pm and opened up with one of their new songs.. a very hard song called Hardwired (one of my favorites off their new album). They followed up with Atlas, Rise! and then For Whom the Bell Tolls. I am not sure which song I enjoyed the most, but it was probably a toss up between Sad But True, Fade to Black and Seek & Destroy.. They played a total of 15 songs in their regular set and 3 in their encore, which consisted of Battery, Nothing Else Matters and finally Enter Sandman.

Getting out of the venue and back to the hotel was another adventure fighting a ton of people all trying to do the same thing as me….get out. After standing in the wrong taxi queue for about 30 minutes, I was finally able to locate the “correct” taxi queue which happened to be the most popular of course and proceed to wait another 45+ minutes before taking the hour long ride back to my hotel, but all in all, it wasn’t the worst after concert rush I have experienced and I got back to my hotel safely around 12:15.

By far, this will be one of the most memorable concerts I have ever been to, not only because it was an absolutely phenomenal show, but it was by luck that I was able to make it.

Set List

  • Hardwired
  • Atlas, Rise!
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls
  • Creeping Death
  • The Unforgiven
  • Now That We’re Dead
  • Moth Into Flame
  • Wherever I May Roam
  • Confusion
  • Halo on Fire
  • Sad But True
  • One
  • Master of Puppets
  • Fade to Black
  • Seek & Destroy


  • Battery
  • Nothing Else Matters
  • Enter Sandman

Motionless In White/ Falling in Reverse/ Issues – L.A. January 14th 2017

It was a quick one day trip down to L.A., to the Wiltern Theater (one of Toni and my favorite theaters to see a show) to see a few of our favorite new(er) bands, Issues, Motionless in White and Falling in Reverse. Normally we would have been with the kids at a show like this, but we think they have outgrown us, so we must go on our own 😦

It was a great show, with a ton of energy. All the bands were great, but I think Toni and I most enjoyed Motionless.. we have seen them a number of times over the last few years, and even have met them three or four times.. they are a great bunch of guys.. it was too bad that Balz (keyboardist) had recently left the band as he was one of our favorite members, but the guys still sounded fantastic.

It was a fun little trip.



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