Lynryd Skynyrd – White River Amphitheater – Auburn WA : July 27th 2019

One of my all time favorite bands that I have never had a chance to see when they had toured in the past. Lynryd Skynyrd is one of those bands that just takes you back to the summers when you were a kid with out a care in the world. Even thought the band has gone through many changes throughout the year from a line-up perspective, their music is still as solid and powerful as ever.

Bad Company opened for Skynyrd and I have to say, their performance was short of stellar. They seemed flat and without feeling. Paul Rogers was good enough, but it just seemed the band was missing something. I saw them a few years ago and they were great…not sure what happened tonight.

Lynryd Skynyrd came on around 9:00pm and opened up with Workin’ for MCA. The didn’t;t have a very long set, with only 14 songs, but they definitely played all of the great songs that made them the band they are. It was a little sad to know that this was their Farewell tour and we would never be able to see them play song like What’s Your Name, I know a Little, Needle and the Spoon, Saturday Night Special, Call Me the Breeze and Sweet Home Alabama again. My favorites of the night were Simple Man, Gimme Three Steps, Tuesday’s Gone and my all time favorite Skynyrd song That Smell.

They closed the night with the encore song being Free Bird of course. This was a great tribute to all the past members of the band and especially Ronnie Van Zant who they had singing the last half of the song in all his glory on the back drop. Perfect ending to the show!

Sad to see these guys go, but very glad I was able to finally see them live and to even meet them back stage.

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