Rest In Peace Chris Cornell May 17 2017

One last picture to post of Chris Cornell.. This was from the last time I saw him back in 2014.

Eric Burdon & The Animals – Tacoma Wa : February 18th 2017


Eric Burdon and The Animals at the Beautiful and historic Pantages Theater in downtown Tacoma Washington.

What a great show tonight. It seemed short, but he packed a ton of great hippie folk, blues funk into the hour and a half they were on stage. They came on just after 7:30pm and left a little after 9:00pm. Eric Burdon still has one hell of a voice and can sing as good as he did back in the mid sixties in my opinion. He still has the very distinctive, raspy blues tone voice that really came through tonight as he played homage to his all time blues heroes Lead Belly and Bo Diddley. And when you are Eric Burdon, you can come out on stage in your old, loose fitting black sweat pants, untucked shirt and sneakers and radiate an attitude of…what the fuck! I’m 76 years old and still the coolest cat singing today.

Some of my favorites of the night were Spill the Wine, Don’t Bring Me Down, When I Was Young, Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood and of course House of the Rising Sun. He also performed the Buffalo Springfield Protest song, For What It’s Worth. Surprising enough, they had three encore songs including We Gotta Get Out of This PlaceIt’s My Life and Get Ready (Temptations).

Great night of great music.. They just make them like this anymore.

John Cleese & Eric Idol – Seattle WA : October 27 2016


What a treat to see these two comedic icons. Unfortunately there was a no-photo request made prior to show so the above shot of the stage was all I could get.

The show was arranged in a chronological walk through the history of the guys from their early college days, through their first meeting up with the Monty Python group through the early BBC days and into the movies and to the current days. They told a ton of fun stories and shared many happy memories for themselves and the audience who had grown to love them throughout the years.

My favorite part of the show were the songs…Eric Idol just has an incredible way with putting lyrics together  in such a way that no matter what the song is about, you just have to bust a gut laughing. Not sure if was just because of the hour and a half of other hysterically funny material, but when they performed a song called F**K Christmas I just busted a gut laughing.. I mean, a couple of 73/77 year old men on stage singing these lyrics was just hilariously funny. They also didn’t disappoint me and played what I was really hoping they would and that was the song  Always Look on the Bright-side of Life from my favorite film of theirs Life of Brian.

ZZ TOP – The Palms – Las Vegas : October 7 2016

Great show tonight at The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. ZZ Top put on on an incredible show and although Gregg Allman was supposed to open tonight, apparently he couldn’t make it so Kenny Wayne Shepherd stepped in and did an absolutely incredible job. I have have Kenny Wayne before and was really looking forward to seeing Gregg Allman as I have missed a number roof opportunities to see him in the past. If there is anyone who could have done a better job opening for ZZ Top than Gregg Allman, it would be Kenny Wayne Shepherd…what a great guitarist and performer.

I had a VIP meet and greet package for the show tonight so had an awesome seat in the second row, dead center and nobody was sitting in front of me, so it was perfect view of the stage. It was really strange as most of the meet and greets that I do (actually all of them) happen before the show, but as I was chatting with VIP hostess, she was saying that Billy Gibbons never understood why artists do pre-show meet and greets, and that after the show, and their performance is (what he feels) is the best time to meet the fans..

Anyway, they put on a great show and had a great set… they opened with Got Me Under Pressure, Waitin’ For The Bus and Jesus Just Left Chicago and proceeded to play all the greatest hits from their career. Some of my favorites were, I’m Bad, I’m Nation Wide and of course Cheap Sunglasses, Legs and Sharp Dressed Man. I think my favorites were La Grange and Tush which were their two encore songs. They also did a real good rendition of Jimmy Hendrix’s Foxy Lady.

Another great show down here is Vegas.. Such a great place to come and see a show. Everyone has so much energy (or maybe it’s just that they are drunk 🙂 ) anyway, it was a good crowd and a great show. I’ll be back next weekend to see Billy Idol again.


Art Garfunkel – Tacoma WA : September 24 2016

Stock Photo

Stock Photo

Well, there is always a first and after almost four years of posting pictures and writing about how good a ton of concerts have been, I finally went to one which yielded no pics and very little to write about.

I was anxious to see Art Garfunkel as I recently saw Paul Simon and felt that I must round out this incredible duo if not together then as separate solo artists.

I have to say that the show had a lot to contend with as I have not been in the mellow , laid-back relax mood that I am typically in, and my patience for crowds was quite limited. This wasn’t a crowd that I have been accustom to either….no energy and very stuffy. Mr. Garfunkel was also not performing quite to the energy level that I needed that night. I did enjoy when he performed The Boxer, Scarborough Fair and Homeward Bound, but had to leave at the intermission. His voice was great and he sang the songs beautifully, but the mellow mood, soft music and the old man sitting next to me constantly farting forced me to make it an early night.

I do regret not getting any photos, but as there was a fairly stern message before the show to shut off all electronics, and Mr. Garfunkel reciting one of his poems about hating distractions from electronics made me decide it was not worth it.. I was also a little concerned about getting a stern look or finger wag from one of my elderly neighbors or worse, a harsh “no photographs!” from one of the attendants forcing me to keep my camera well hidden.

Oh well, there’s always a first…hopefully it will be the last.

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