Sting / Peter Gabriel – Key Arena – Seattle WA : July 21 2016

Great and fun show last night at Key Arena with Sting and Peter Gabriel for their Rock, Paper Scissors tour. What a great pairing with these two great performers who clearly loved performing with each other last night.

It was a different type of co-headlining show, where typically one band will perform their set followed by the other. This show had them trading off songs as well as joining in on each other’s songs. What an incredible library of songs they had too… they played for over two and a half hours with what I think were 23 songs in their main set and two encore songs. They held absolutely nothing back when it came to their performances, embellishing a few of the songs with jam sessions and extended and alternate arrangements. …truly amazing! One of the highlights of the show last night (of course for the Seattle audience) was Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam coming out and performing with the guys. Vedder sat-in with Peter Gabriel on Peter’s solo hit Red Rain and he also helped lead Sting’s band through The Police classic Driven To Tears. A few of my favorite songs of the night were Invisible Sun, Games Without Frontiers, Big Time, Englishman in New York and of course Roxanne.

One of the best shows of the year for sure.

VANS Warped Tour – Seattle WA : August 9 2015


The last day of the 2015 Warped Tour and all the bands seemed to be genuinely bummed that the tour was over. I suppose that after spending so much time traveling and playing with such a great group of bands, that they all must have had a great time and getting back to reality must seem a little strange to think about. We saw the tour on their June 20th, Mountain View California show and could probably have seen every show in between. There is just so much good music and energy at these shows, that you never want them to end.

We found that we do like the Whiteriver Amphitheater better than Mountain View as things seemed to be just a bit less confined and better played out to enable you to go from stage to stage without seeming to be trapped in a sea of bodies.

I was really looking forward to seeing Escape the Fate this time as we missed them in Mountain View due to their set being at 11:00am, right when they opened the doors and we had;t even gotten to the parking lot. We weren’t disappointed, they were incredible! The only problem was they only played four songs. Of all the bands, they were my favorite, with Blessthefall coming in second. Ryan’s favorite band of the show today was Candy Hearts, where Toni and Nicki’s favorite of the day was Icon for Hire and New Years Day.

All in all it was a great day of music, and it is sad that the tour is over, but we’ll be there next year for sure.

Vans Warped Tour – Mountain View CA : June 20 2015

We had a great time at the show yesterday. It was a little difficult getting tot he venue with the traffic…it took us an hour and a half to get less than a mile, and this was after driving for three and a half hours from Redding CA. to Mountain View CA. Once we got parked and in, all was well.

This was our first Warped tour out of the state of Washington and although it was a great show, we all thought that the show at the White River Amphitheater in Auburn WA. is much better arranged and more open to allow the crowds to move from stage to stage easier…it seemed that the stage areas were much more confined here.

The bands were awesome as usual, due to our late arrival due to the traffic, we missed one of the bands I was most wanting to see (Escape the Fate) who came on 11:45. We’ll have to make sure we get there early at the Seattle show. I think by far, my favorite performance of the day was Blessthefall. They sounded awesome and performed a great set of songs including See You On the Outside, Hollow Bodies and the song Up In Flames from their new album To Those Left Behind. Of course Black Veil Brides was great as usual playing a good (but short) mix of songs including Faithless, Heart of Fire, The Legacy, Fallen Angels and closing with In the End. We were also able to see Pierce The Veil, although this was one of the performances where there were just too many people in a very small area. We had a great spot off to the right of the stage before they started playing, but as people started filling in, we had to move pretty far back to avoid getting caught up in a mosh. Toni, Nicki and Ryan went to watch Icon for Hire and Set It Off as I watched Blessthefall, but they were able to come and see the last couple songs of the BVB set with me which was nice.

All in all, it was a real good show…a lot of young people enjoying themselves and watching a ton of young bands with limitless energy. We enjoyed a lot of bands who we have seen before and saw some new bands who we had never heard before. We are looking forward to the show back in the Seattle area in August.

U2 – Los Angeles Ca : May 30 2015

U2 at the Forum in Los Angeles California tonight. Another great show. It was a nice day at the beach as well!


U2 – Vancouver Canada : May 14 2015

I didn’t think I was going to come to the show tonight, but I am sure glad that I did. This was U2‘s opening show for their North American Innocence + Experience Tour and it was great. Rogers Arena is always a nice place to see a show…something about the crowd/ atmosphere in Canada that is just a little bit more mellow than most places.

I got to the venue a little before 6:30 thinking that I would walk right in…nope! There were lines all around the building. I didn’t know which line was which and where to stand and no one was moving. I am not sure why they waited so long to start letting folks in, but when they finally did, things moved along pretty well. I got in around 7:15, went to the merch booth, bought a tour shirt and then a beer and went to sit down and wait for the show.

When I got to my seat, I have to admit that I was little disappointed that it was just left of the stage and I thought that I would be looking at the side of the band all night long. They actually had a real nice stage set-up with an island from the main stage all the way to the other end of the floor where there was another smaller, round stage. There really didn’t seem to be a bad seat in the entire arena, and the guys made sure they played to all the sections. In between the two stages was a huge see-through video type screen that raised and lowered and had a cat walk in it so the band could walk through from one end to the other…they really put together a very entertaining stage performance. There was a bit of a intermission at the half way mark where they played a real neat punk rock and new wave, alternative retrospective on the big center screen.

They played for just over two hours with I think four encore songs. They sounded great, with Bono still being able to belt out the vocals and of course the screeching and scratching guitar work of The Edge (who took a little spill off the end of the stage at the end of the show…kind of scary as this was the first show of the tour). Rounding out the band was Adam Clayton on bass and of course Larry Mullen on drums. Some of my favorite songs of the night were “Beautiful Day“, “With or Without You“, “Vertigo” and of course “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and “Pride (In the Name of Love)“.

I can’t wait to see them in LA on a few weeks…

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