REO Speed Wagon – Emerald Queen Casino – Tacoma WA : January 18th 2019

First show at the Casino in a while…seemed like they stopped having classic rock shows for a time as I used to see a lot of shows here was over a year ago.

REO Speed Wagon never fails to put on a great show. They sound as good as they did back in the day and have enough energy to keep the crowd going throughout the entire show.

Their catalog of hits is of course amazing and spans 45+ years going back all the way to the very early seventies. I loved hearing all the songs from their early eighties smash album Hi Infidelity but my favorites were the classic older tunes such as Time for me to Fly, Roll with the Changes, Back on the Road Again, Music Man, Keep Pushin’, and of course Ridin’ the Storm Out.

As long as these guys keep touring, I will continue to go see them live… absolutely great live band.

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