Pete Townshend (Classic Quadrophenia) : The Greek LA – September 16th 2017

An incredible show at an incredible venue. I have never been to the Greek Theater before and it is an amazing little venue. It is a small, 5,900 seat outdoor theater situated in the hills in Griffen Park. The weather was perfect last night with the early evening temps around 72 degrees and then cooling down to about 65 degrees or so. The sound was amazing even from the pit seats up close to the stage…I would imagine the sound would be better a little further back to get the full benefit of the speakers, but I don;t think there is a bad seat in the house. Definitely would come back to this venue again.

I was fortunate enough to buy the VIP package tickets which included a pre-show sound check, full open bar and very delicious heavy horse devours. The sound check was good, but as the sun was beaming right on the stage they could only open the curtains for the final song, the rest of the sound check was behind the big heavy red curtain, which was fine as it was just the orchestra, choir and a little bit of Alfie Boe singing. Pete did come out and apologize for having to keep the curtains closed due to the band not being able to read their sheet music with the bright sun. It was worth it though, as Pete Townshend and Billy Idol came out and performed The Real Me…that was a real treat!

The show started promptly at 8:00 and played the full Quadrophenia album from side to side with a short intermission between “sides”. This production was very powerful and unique. I have seen the Who perform Quadophenia before and that was more just a rock show (all be it an incredible rock show), but hearing the music of a full orchestra and choir along with the very powerful voice of Alfie Boe (a Tony award winning Broadway tenor) and the surprisingly good vocals and stage theatrics of Billy Idol. This was definitely a show to remember.

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