Steve Miller/ Peter Frampton – Seattle : August 5 2017

Great show last night at the White River Amphitheater in Auburn. It was a warm night and fortunately had cooled off of the 95 degree days we were having earlier in the week which made it very nice for an outside show.

I have seen both Peter Frampton and the Steve Miller Band before, but tonight I was able to get a meet and greet with Peter Frampton which made this special. I have always enjoyed his music, but was a little apprehensive in meeting him as I have had a bit of a negative opinion of him following the last time I saw him and he was real abrasive to the crowd about taking pictures and then after the issue with him walking off stage a couple weeks ago, I was concerned he would be stand-offish and not very friendly. I was pleasantly surprised that he was actually quite nice, humble and very friendly, asking my name, where I was from and thanking me very sincerely for coming to the show.

Both of these guys put on great shows and sounded great. You just can’t get enough of Peter Frampton’s “talk box” and Steve Miller’s absolutely incredible blues infused guitar. The highlights of the show for me was Peter Frampton’s tribute to Chris Cornell with Black Hole Sun…absolutely amazing guitar work and very tastefully done. Probably my favorite  part of the Steve Miller set was when he and Peter Frampton jammed out some very classic blues tunes by legends such as Otis Rush, Muddy Waters and Elmore James and then of course Mercury Blues a K.C. Douglas cover…absolutely stunning. Of course he played his classic hits such as Swing Town, Space Cowboy, Fly Like an dEagle and Jet Airliner.

Awesome show and great to see these guys together on tour.

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