Green Day – Las Vegas NV : April 7th 2017

It’s been since the American Idiot tour back in 2005 that I have seen Green Day live. Came close a few time between then and now, but something always happened. This time was a bit of a issue as well as Toni and I didn’t synch too well on weekends when I bought the tickets months ago and we had already purchased tickets for the Super Natural Convention in Seattle, but I couldn’t miss them again and I had bought VIP tickets…so I came down to Vegas to see Green Day and Toni stayed up in Seattle to see the convention. I think all in all things worked out well. I will meet up with her tomorrow and be at the convention the rest of the weekend.

This was an absolutely incredible show! The guys were definitely on top of their game tonight with tons of energy, spot on vocals by Billie Joe and tons of personality from Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool. They came on a little before 9:00pm and played until 11:30 hitting nearly all their hits from throughout their nearly 25 years of an incredible music library. Some of my favorites of the night were, Know Your Enemy, Longview, Basket Case and Minority. They even went way back to 1992 and the Kerplunk album and played 2000 Light Years Away…that took me back. I think all up, they played 27 songs including a funky compilation of Shout (The Isley Brothers), Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (Monty Python – Life of Brian), Satisfaction (by the Rolling Stones) and Hey Jude, most of which they played while laying on the floor…very strange.

They closed the show out with a great set of encore songs including American Idiot, Jesus of Suburbia and Billie Joe did an incredible acoustic solo finale of Ordinary World and Good Riddance (Time of Your Life). 

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