Blink-182 – Seattle WA : September 17 2016


After nearly 20 years of being a big fan of Blink-182, I was finally able to see them perform live. It was a great line-up at Key Arena last night with All American Rejects opening up and putting on an incredible show. They only played 7 songs, but did a great job and sounded great. A Day to Remember came on next and they just blew it out of the park with their show… they did not hold anything back from their energy, performance, stage show and use of inflatables… Jeremy McKinnon (lead singer) even got into a big inflatable ball and walked over and through the whole floor crowd…I have never see that before, really cool! Absolutely amazing performance. Blink-182 came on a little after 9:00pm I think, and their stage showed opened with a big flaming “FUCK”, which was also something I had never seen before and was just so cool (sorry if the photo is offensive, but had to post). After A Day to Remember’s performance, I didn’t see how anyone could improve, but clearly I had underestimated Blink-182… They had a HUGE stage, with a ton of pyrotechnics and even more inflatables. It was worth the wait seeing these guys…I’m sure 20 years ago, they must have had a little bit different show, but last night in Seattle, they were phenomenal.

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