Alice In Chains / Guns N’ Roses – Seattle WA : August 12 2016

Tonights show at CenturyLink Field in Seattle has to go down as one of the best of the year. Both Toni and I agree that this was just an absolutely EPIC show.

I have neven see Alice In Chains and I guess I have forgotten how many songs I remembered and how many. There was such a great energy they had with the hometown crowd who of course knew and sang along with every song. They played a great set of 11 songs including Man in the Box, Down in Would, No Excuses and wrapped their show up with Rooster.

Guns N’ Roses came on around a quarter till nine and absolutely killed it. Toni and I have seen GNR in Vegas with Axl’s new band and we have seen Slash a few times (all were great shows in themselves) but we were so looking forward to this reunion show with Axl, Slash and Duff together again. Slash puts on such a great show and of course Slash and his guitar work is just heaven. One of my favorite parts of the show was the guitar solo with Slash and Richard Fortus performing Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here and then transitioning into the final half of Derek and the Dominos song Layla with Slash on the piano. What a masterpiece! And then Slash’s solo of the theme from Godfather transitioning into Sweet Child O’ Mine, simply perfect. All in all I think they played about 25 songs hitting every hit you could ever want to hear. Some of the other memorable songs were Welcome to the Jungle, Live and Let Die, You Could be Mine, Civil War, November Rain and Paradise City.

I am not sure how many people filled the stadium last night, but I know they were all on their feet pretty much all night for this show.

You will notice that I am only posting a few shots of the show….well that’s because I made the mistake of charging my camera on a game console which happened to go into sleep mode 15 minutes after starting charging, so my battery was dead after the first 4-5 pictures…Too bad, but the good thing is I was able to watch the whole show with my eyes instead of through my camera.

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