Black Sabbath – Tacoma WA : February 6 2016

I am not sure what to say about the Black Sabbath show last night at the Tacoma Dome…. Toni and I were part of the VIP experience which got some some good swag, early entry into the venue, free beer/wine/ snacks and a sound check with some incredible jams by Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and drummer Tommy Clufetos. The topper was a great (full) performance of War Pigs with Ozzy coming out and singing during the sound check…this was a real treat as typically during sound checks, the singer does not participate, and to have Ozzy come out and perform to such a small group of fans and Toni and I being just feet from him was an unforgettable experience.

That’s where the fun ended… from then on, when the actual show started, all hell broken loose with the most idiotic, selfish, drunken group of fans (using the word very loosely) that I have even had the displeasure of being in the same room with. I just could not believe the blatant disregard for any sort of self control, personal dignity or care for anyone else but themselves. I realize that this is a metal concert and that there is a certain amount of natural depravity that comes along with that, but this was just over the top. Toni and I stuck it out for as long as we could, but we couldn’t stay for the whole show, leaving about 3/4 way through, right after Iron Man.. too bad to because Ozzy sounded great, and the band, lights and show were incredible.

This was Black Sabbath’s final tour and it’s kind of a bummer to know that we won’t be able to see them perform live again, but what I can say is good riddance to all the loosers who ruin an otherwise great experience.

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