Fleetwood Mac – Tacoma Wa : November 20 2014

What an absolutely incredible show tonight at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma WA. You can’t get a better show than with Fleetwood Mac. They are (in my opinion) one of the best sounding and performing bands today and probably that I have ever seen live. Their music is as rich, bright and relevant as the day it was new. It is hard to believe that they have been around since 1967. You could’t tell by their performance or by their youthfulness up on the stage that they have been around that long. They have so much energy and an obvious love for what they are doing, and with the entire band back together again, I believe they are back in their nirvana.

Last time Toni and I saw them was last year in Las Vegas, and although they put on a fabulous show that night, having Christine McVie back with them made it much better this time around. It was definitely great to hear them perform some songs tonight that they couldn’t perform last year without Christine McVie like Little Lies and Over My Head and of course You Make Lovin’ Fun and Don’t Stop sound so much better with her singing lead on them.

They are such a great set of performers with the absolutely phenomenal guitar virtuosity of Lindsey Buckingham, the crazy personality of Mick Fleetwood making all those wacky faces while he is back behind his drums, or who can help but be mesmerized by Stevie Nicks’ mystical voice and hypnotic gypsy dancing with her flowing lace. Although John McVie does’t perform with the out-front personality as the others, he maintains the laid back mellowness that I have enjoyed about Fleetwood Mac since I started listening to them in the late seventies (when I bought the Rumours Album).

Anyone who has never seen Fleetwood Mac perform must try and see one of their shows at least once. It will be a show you will never forget.

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