Carlos Santana – Auburn WA: August 1 2014

Tonight was a great night to sit back, relax and listen to one of the word’s most prophetic and spiritual song writer/musicians. I can never see or listen to Carlos Santana enough. His guitar is simply mesmerizing and his music has such a great latin percussion packed vibe that you can’t help but move…Ryan was even tapping his feet, which for him at any show means he is really enjoying it. Most of the audience (50+ age group) were out of their seats and doing what could only be described as “hippie dancing” with arms flailing eyes closed looking to the sky and swaying from side to side. What a sight to see so many folks reliving their younger days (including me, without the flaying arms).

They played tons of classic Santana including Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen followed by Oye Como Va, Evil Ways. They also played Hope You’re Feeling Better, Maria Maria, Batuka / No One to Depend On and Smooth. They even played a great cover the Champs song Tequila and a birthday salute to Jerry Garcia. One of my all time favorite songs is Europa (Earth’s Cry, Heaven’s Smile) which is a bit of an obscure song, but he does seem to play it at all the shows I have see over the years. It is a long and powerful instrumental which is one of those songs which makes you feel like closing your eyes and just floating away through space.

What another great show by Santana…I hope he never stops touring.

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