Pat Benatar – Tacoma: April 26 2014

Another great flash from the ’80’s tonight with Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma. It is hard to believe that they have been around for 35 years, and Toni and I both noticed and commented to each other how darn happy they looked, not only as performers but as a married couple…how refreshing.

This was apparently an early warm-up concert where they were practicing and getting things sorted out for their upcoming summer tour. You couldn’t have prove it by me, to me it was a absolutely stunning and flawless performance by one the most revered icons of the 1980’s – Perfect!

They played a ton of hits that I had forgotten about and haven’t heard since back in the day. Songs like You Better Run, which I didn’t know, but was the second video ever played on MTV back in August of 1981. They also played a very powerful version of Hell is For Children which apparently they play at every concert as a sort of an anthem for abused children and they vow to keep playing until there is no more child abuse. Some of the other songs they played were, We Belong, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Love is a Battlefield, Promises in the Dark and Invincible.

They closed the night with their second encore song of Heartbreaker which really showed Neil’s fantastic guitar skills. The song morphed into Johnny Cash’s song Ring of Fire at some point, and then culmenating into a number of classic guitar riffs including Led Zeppelin’s Heartbreaker.. what an ending to a perfect performance!

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