Fleetwood Mac – Las Vegas: December 30 2013

And to think…this was a concert that really fell into place at the last minute. We were able to get great last minute seats through TicketMaster, an awesome room at the MGM Grand and incredible seats on Alaska Airlines down from Seattle to Las Vegas. This concert wasn’t on our schedule, but as we missed the show in Seattle back on May 20th, and I have been dying to see Fleetwood Mac for many years, we just had to come down.

This was their last show of this tour and I have to believe, it must have been one of their best. The venue at the MGM Grand holds about 16,000 people, so it is a fairly large arena, but it was laid out such that I think everyone had a great view of the stage. The sound and video in this arena was far superior than many of the other arenas we have been to over the years. Other than the tiny seats without arm rests, this was an incredible place to sit and enjoy a great concert.

They opened the show at around 8:20 with the song Second Hand News followed by The Chain and Dreams. They played a short set of songs from their Tusk album (including an incredible version of Sarah). Stevie Nicks’ absolutely mesmerizing vocals and Lindsey Buckingham’s masterful guitar playing during the song Landslide was nothing short of amazing. It was so beautiful to see and hear the love that all of these guys have for each other especially Stevie and Lindsey. It’s clear that they continue to inspire each other and perform from their hearts. Mick Fleetwood’s powerful, driving and signature drum style and John McVie’s melodic bass playing add to the sound that so many people have fallen in love with over the past 35 years. They played for nearly two and a half hours which included two encores, leaving the stage at just around 11:00.

This was a great end to an absolutely incredible year of concerts. One more of my all time favorite bands is off my list of must see concerts (although I would see Fleetwood Mac again anytime).


  1. You all rocked, like a fine wine getting better with time, Stevie your the Queen…Stevie for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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