Feel This Tour – Seattle: November 16 2013


That is even an understatement of the show tonight at the Showbox Sodo in Seattle. We all went to see the “Feel This Tour” with Sleeping With Sirens, Breathe Carolina, Issues and Our Last Night. Memphis May Fire was supposed to be there as well but apparently had a better gig somewhere in the UK…too bad for them. This was one absolutely Killer show.

First off, Nicki and I were part of the meet and greet autograph, pre-show so we were able to get into the show a bit earlier than Toni, Ryan and Nicki’s friend Jenna. We arrived at the venue early of course at around 3:30 and were to meet at the front entrance for our early entry at 4:30. It was very cold on this winter Seattle night.. I think it must have gotten down into the lower 40’s to high 30’s. As usual with these early entries, they tell you to get there at a certain time and then make you wait for over an hour before they let you in…but at least we got in around 5:30. Toni, Ryan and Jenna couldn’t get in until after 6:30, and probably closer to 7:00. They were REAL cold.

We were able to get the band to pose for a picture with Nicki (although she won’t let me post it here, even though it’s a great pic) and they also signed a couple of posters for us. Nicki brought something special for them to sign, but they wouldn’t have much to do with signing anything but the posters. Needless to say Nicki was pretty bummed about that.

Once we got in, we immediately claimed our favorite spot against the wall near the restroom about 25 yards from the stage. There seemed to be a steady stream of people coming in through at least the first opening act, and the place got packed. As it turned out the show was sold out. Tonight seemed exceptionally crowded however. We have been to sold out shows at the Showbox before and have always had a little room around us to breath, but not tonight. We were jammed in like sardines. It was uncomfortably  hot in there tonight too. Even the bands were saying how hot it was. I think their AC must have not been working or something.. Poor David Schmitt (vocals for Breathe Carolina) was about to pass out after their set. He actually commented that this show was the hottest show that they had ever done and that he had never sweat more during a show than tonight.

The show started at about 7:00pm with Our Last Night opening and playing a great set. I have never heard them before, and they had a good sound to them with a powerful lead guitar, very talented bassist and great vocals.

Issues came on next and they were as good as the last time Nicki and I saw them at this same venue back in April opening for A Day to Remember. They are definitely a heavier band with a good mix of melodic vocals and trashing screams. They played songs from their first album of course, but also some new music which we hadn’t heard before. During their set, they really got the crowd pumped. I think I counted more than 7 crowd surfers all going at once and there were even a couple of body catapults. They really rocked the place out. These guys will definitely be around for a while.

Breathe Carolina came on next and they were quite a surprise to me (although Nicki and Jenna have heard their music before). Their vibe was a mix of dance/club and thrash metal…very interesting. I think the highlight of their set was a cover of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. Not only was it dead on when they wanted it to be, but they mixed it up and added their touch of thrash to it which I think made it better than the original. These guys had a great light show as well, made you feel as though you were in a Rave with black light strobes and very loud bass pounding the room..

Sleeping with Sirens came on around 9:30 or so and played 10 songs I believe, plus one encore. The guys put on a great show I thought, however Toni thought their WARPED 2013 performance was better. Kellin Quinn sounded great and despite the band missing their guitarist Jesse Lawson who left the band exactly one month ago (Oct 16), they rocked it. Kellin mixed it up a bit between each song with personal stories and positive messages, and then one weird rant around a bottle of water, which we all thought was a bit strange (you had to be there). They were definitely the highlight of the night for us and the rest of the crowd.

Set-list of Sleeping With Sirens:

  1. Here We Go
  2. Congratulations
  3. Low
  4. Free Now
  5. The Best There Ever Was
  6. If I’m James Dean, Then You’re Audrey Hepburn
  7. A Trophy Father’s Trophy Son
  8. Scene Five: With Ears to See, and Eyes to Hear
  9. Do It Now Remember It Later
  10. Satellites
  11. If You Can’t Hang

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