Preparing for Sabbath

Well, about an hour and a half before Toni, Ryan, Nicki and I start the two and a half hour drive to the Gorge in George Washington to see Black Sabbath. We are are all pretty excited of course, but extra excited as I have traded up our tickets from second section row 20 (or something awful like that) to 4th row reserved VIP, dead center. Well, I didn’t really “trade” up, I actually bought new tickets hoping to be able to sell the other tickets to make up some of the difference, but unfortunately have had no luck selling them. We will bring them with us and see if we can unload them cheap before the show.

This brings me to a rant that I have about Tcketmaster and Live Nation where it seems that every time I wait patiently for “pre-sale” and am literally on line purchasing tickets seconds after they go on sale, invariably better seat become available afterwards. I just wish “best available” really meant best available and not all the crap that is left over after we keep all the good seats for the people who really have no intentions on going to the show and who are just going to scalp them for much more than they paid for them  to the people like me who play by the rules… Urrrg!

Anyway – this is going to be an awesome show!

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