In This Moment – The Moore – Seattle : October 31st 2017

Cool Halloween for us this year. We went to see some of Nicki’s favorites at The Moore Theatre in Seattle. It was cool to see a ton of people dressed up in their favorite costumes  at the show, including some of the band members.

In This Moment was headlining the Half God, Half Devil tour with Of Mice & Men and Avatar. We have see In This Moment and Of Mice & Men a few times, but never Avatar. They are one of Nicki’s favorite bands, so she was of course very excited to see them live in concert. When listening to their recorded music, I really didn’t care too much for them, but they sounded incredible and put on an absolutely great show. They are a heavy metal shock rock band from Sweden (actually classified as melodic death metal) and have sort of circus type persona. They have a very polished live sound and are very entertaining. Of Mice & Men sounded as good as ever and Maria Brink of In This Moment put on an awesome show as always.

We had a great time and I especially liked glancing over at Nicki watching her singing, smiling and having a great time…that was the best part of the night.

Metallica – Seattle WA : August 9th 2017

What an awesome show last night at Century Link Field in Seattle. Metallica put on an absolutely incredible show…huge stage, tons of pyrotechnics, lasers, lights and even two big inflatables 60 feet above either side of the stage. Such a difference between their show I saw in Hong Kong earlier this year. That was a much smaller venue and stage, probably about a quarter the size, so clearly they let out all the stops at Century Link.

Toni and I arrived around 4:00pm to check in to the Whiplash (VIP) experience being held in the WaMu theater area right next door to the stadium. This was probably one of the best VIP experiences we have ever been to. There were a ton of people, but they had more than enough (quality and variety) of food and tables and really the only waiting was at the merch line (maybe a little wait at the drink area, but not bad).

We made it to our seats just a little after 6:00 and the opening band Gojira, a metal band from France who were actually quite good. After them, Avenged Sevenfold hit the stage around 7:00 and played till just about 8:00 and put on a great show. I have never seen them before and it was good to finally see them live in concert, although I think it would have been better to see them on a smaller stage. It was hard to see them on that huge stage, although they clearly loved it running from side to side and front to back covering every inch of the stage..they really did put on a great show.

Metallica came on around 8:30 or so and opened up with the typical song Ecstasy of Gold from the film The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and then leading into the powerful title song from their new album Hardwired. Some of my favorites from the night were For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Memory Remains, The Unforgiven, Fade to Black, Sad but True and One. I think my favorite was Seek and Destroy. During this song they all came out to the end of the center protruding stage, Lars’ drum set rose up from underneath and they all four played in this very small stage. Even though we loved the huge stage and show, it was great to see them all play so close on the little end stage.

One of the years best shows for sure.

Motionless In White/ Falling in Reverse/ Issues – L.A. January 14th 2017

It was a quick one day trip down to L.A., to the Wiltern Theater (one of Toni and my favorite theaters to see a show) to see a few of our favorite new(er) bands, Issues, Motionless in White and Falling in Reverse. Normally we would have been with the kids at a show like this, but we think they have outgrown us, so we must go on our own 😦

It was a great show, with a ton of energy. All the bands were great, but I think Toni and I most enjoyed Motionless.. we have seen them a number of times over the last few years, and even have met them three or four times.. they are a great bunch of guys.. it was too bad that Balz (keyboardist) had recently left the band as he was one of our favorite members, but the guys still sounded fantastic.

It was a fun little trip.



Five Finger Death Punch/ Shinedown – Tacoma WA : November 5 2016

It was a great show last night, but I have to say this was officially my last concert at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma WA. I know I have bitched about it in the past, but this was really the last time I will put up with this cities clear disregard for the concert goers and absolute lack of concern that it takes nearly two hour to navigate their unmarked, un-directed, dark city and residential streets because they block the main entrances to the venue. Totally unacceptable! They have been putting on concerts for so long and in such a convenient location (right off the I-5 freeway) and haven’t yet figured out how to manage the the traffic. Out of all the venues I have traveled to through the US, besides Candlestick Park (which was torn down) the Tacoma Dome is the worst with respect to traffic control…or I should say LACK of control.

The show itself was great. We missed the opening band, but were able to get in to see Sixx:A.M. play the last three songs of their set. This is Nikki Sixx’s new band created after Motley Crue hung it up. Fortunately we were able to get to our seats in time for them to see them perform three of their best songs, Lies of the Beautiful People, Stars and Life is Beautiful.

Shinedown came on at 8:00 and was who Toni most wanted to see. Neither one of us had seen them before, and they are one of Toni’s favorite bands. It is always great to see a band you love so much for the first time and these guys did not disappoint. They had a ton of energy, sounded incredible, really interacted with and got the crowd going and had a great stage show with a ton of pyrotechnics. They had a great set and were spot on vocal and musically. We will definitely see them again.

Five Finger Death Punch came on about 9:45 and absolutely killed it! They had a fairly short set-list with only 13 songs, but each one was powerful and memorable. Ivan Moody (lead vocals) looks like a typical heavy metal singer with a mean look, loud voice and persona of hatred, but it was amazing how nice, down to earth friendly he was. He really has a love for what he does, he makes it a real point to show how much he appreciates the US soldiers, he genuinely loves the audience (bringing about a dozen kids up on stage during the song Burn MF). What was really touching was when he brought his own daughter on stage and sang to her solo the song Remember Everything.  What a powerful voice and very loving moment…not something you would expect to see at a Five Finger Death Punch show. Their set-list was perfect in my opinion.. They opened up with my favorite song of theirs, Lift Me Up, followed by Never Enough, Wash it All Away, Got Your Six, Bad Company (cover), Jekyll & Hyde, Wrong Side of Heaven, Coming down and then the encores (which we had to leave during) Under and Over it and the Bleeding.

All in all, even with the aggravation and disappointment I have with the city of Tacoma and the Tacoma Dome, the crowd was great, the bands performed flawlessly and we had a great time.

Zakk Wylde / Otherwise – Las Vegas NV : September 1 2016

What an absolutely incredible show tonight at The House of Blues in Las Vegas… Toni and I quite literally stumbled upon this show as we were checking in to the Billy Idol show last night, getting our tickets and table assignment, Toni saw a flyer for the Zakk Wylde show, with Otherwise opening up. Toni has been wanting to see this show and especially Otherwise for a while and just by happen chance we were in Vegas the same time as the show. I have had the pleasure of seeing Otherwise three years ago in Seattle when they opened up for 3 Days Grace and stole the show then, and I hate to say it (as I am a big Zakk Wylde fan) but they stole the show again! These guys just ROCK! They have so much energy and passion for their art that really shows through in the performance.

They played about 9 songs in their set ending with Soldiers, one of my all time favorite rock anthems. I was able to get video of it, but I think the volume was a bit too much for my camera and it’s a bit distorted, but I uploaded to YouTube if you would like to check it out. I was able to meet the guys from the band after their set and they are all such great guys. We can’t wait to see them again.

Zakk Wylde came on a little after 10:00 and was amazing. We have seen him a few times before and are never disappointed in his performance. I just love the guitar solos and the power of his music.

This was the last night of our 25th anniversary trip to Vegas and we could;t have asked for a better way to end it than with this show.

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